Just Ask As Learning Helps You Earn

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If You are new on Leofinance or Hive take the time to learn as the sooner you understand things, the easier it all becomes.

Yesterday I did a post about Leodex and the vote multiplier and how it is helping me grow. I was hoping for one or two users who were unaware to pick up on it and help them grow at least. The responses from many new users is not quite what I was expecting and this is brilliant as it shows that the community is growing quickly. Many were new users who had little idea and why I thought a follow up post was necessary.

I just checked the "welcome to Leo tag" in Discord and we had 83 new accounts registered over the last 7 days and a majority will be very green not knowing much which is great as the community is here to help. I received help and advice when I first started out and will honestly help others in the same way I was helped.

If you are a new user do not panic as it takes time to learn all the ways of how this place works and to be honest we are all still learning even though some of us have been here 3 or 4 years. Things change all the time as things are added and the way we operate changes especially when we have hard forks which should happen again fairly soon.

These days new users are fortunate if they found their way here via a tribe as you have a community around you that will help you. If you are unsure of something no matter how stupid it may sound just ask. I am always open for DM messages in discord and you are welcome to freely ask anything that is bugging you.

When I first started out it took me 6 months before I was feeling comfortable with things and knew enough even though learning on here happens constantly. many were confused about the voting yesterday and how it work which is a basic thing everyone should know.

Every 24 hours we receive 10 x 100 % votes which equates to 20% Voting Power if each vote equates to around 2% of your overall Voting Power. This tells us that your vote recharges at roughly 0.83% every hour. The more you vote over the daily recharge of 20% the longer it will take to come back. This is why it is advisable to try and manage your VP so it stays above 80% and why the Leodex Vote Multiplier is important to help you if you are active in more than one tribe.

Remember we all started out in the same position you find yourself now so the quicker you learn the quicker you earn and just take time to educate yourself. There is no rush and spending a few hours every week exploring the blockchain can be very useful.

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Ok, I'm new here. New to crypto, new to HIVE, new to Leo. I started out playing Splinterlands a couple of weeks ago. Got on PeakD from there to learn more. Then heard about Leo on some posts there. Here I am, reading posts. But what else should I be doing? What else do I need to know. It's like drinking from a fire hose.

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Lol. Take baby steps and you will be fine. Posting regularly and commenting on posts like you are doing here right now is the only way. Keep your Vote Power around 80% as it recharges 20% every day. Will think of other things that are not so obvious but just keep going and growing. Glad you decided to move into Leofinance.

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Without a doubt. If new, jump right in, ask questions, and learn as much as you can. There is a lot here, so much that it can be overwhelming but it is worth the time to understand what is going on. This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who is involved here.

We can keep adding posts about different features here, lot of new people might start to latch onto them.

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I hope we can all help as what may seem obvious to us is not obvious to anyone new. We tend to forget how hard it is in the beginning and there are a lot of new people in Leofinance today who need our help.

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Wow, I would have expected you to get some different responses too. I think that voting multiplier is one of the coolest things I have used on the Hive blockchain in quite some time. I am super excited that you shared it with us the first time! Totally changed the way I vote!

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I agree as I didn't realise how many new users are around and this kind of threw me as the 10 votes a day was the topic in comments and that is just the real basics. Good to see though as the community is growing.

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Yeah, that is definitely some good news. Hopefully it will continue to grow over time. I'd like to see us thriving by the end of the year.

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Quick question about sportssocialcoin....

I have just staked all my sports.

By doing that, do I earn extra sports or what's the story?

Would you advise me to stake all my tokens like Leo, proofofbrain etc?

Are there risks to staking like this or is it a no brainer?