Leodex For Me Is The Key To Unlocking The Wealth

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Along with the whole Leofinance package I believe the big value will come via Leodex and what the team does with it.

Yesterday I was reading a post from @taskmaster4450le about how Leo is going to make people wealthy. I then watched the video on 3Speak with @cryptosalad interviewing Khal and then you can understand why everyone believes in Leo and wealth going hand in hand together. Right now this could quite easily be one of your biggest wealth growing times ever as this is one of those opportunities that only comes around every now and then.

Unlike many other crypto tokens Leo has a clear plan that can adopt to market changes along the way. No one saw DeFi coming, but it wasn't the not seeing it, but what you do with it. The team behind Leofinance are proactive and quickly launched Wleo on Ethereum in no time comparing what us Hive users have become accustomed to.

There are so many great projects rolling out with the micro blogging due in the next week or two which we are all waiting to see how that pans out. Don't get me wrong when I say Leodex is the key as everything that is built is vitally important. What got me excited in the interview was the discussion about collaborations with other block chains.

Leofinance having Leodex is one of the game changers that separates the men from the boys in my view. The thought of being able to trade tokens from other blockchains on Leodex is what makes me want to stake and earn more Leo. This for me is the key to not only growing Leo's value, but for every other tribe on the Leodex exchange. These collaborations are another life line for growth tapping into wealth outside of our eco system plus bringing investment the other way.

How many other dapps/tribes/skins have their own exchange that can offer entry into many more investments creating not only an earning opportunity for everyone but also increased value in what we are already holding.

Knowing what we already know from announcements about announcements we can clearly see another undervalued token that cannot stay under the radar forever when the team is alert and forward thinking. This will also raise the value of Hive as Leo and Hive go hand in hand.

I see people talking about a $5 or $10 Leo but honestly how big can Leofinance become? The growth with the cake layering effect that is being built suggests that this could be massive and we have no idea as there are no limits to what is possible.

This for me is truly exciting as we have seen nothing yet even though Leo has achieved an all time high over the last few weeks. A $1 Leo is definitely on the cards over the coming weeks and with everything else being added how long before we can add another zero. There are so many fakes in cryptoland that will be found out as they have absolutely no use cases yet they still have $$$ behind them. Anyone doing their research and due diligence will see what we all see and this is why Leo is going to make people wealthy. Staking Leo has been one of my priorities and this is not just for now but for the foreseeable future.

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I watched that interview too, there are so many things going on right now it is impossible to keep up. I look forward to all the cross-chain things and (blankidyblankblankblank) talk too. WHEN WHEN WHEN!

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We must be patient lol. Good things happen to those who wait.

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LeoDex is a great foundation to work on. There should be updates on this in the roadmap

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I am sure it will once we get closer to this becoming a reality. I really love the way things are just being added constantly.

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i really hope that after the project blank launch, LEO to skyrocket

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I am super excited about Leo and the possibilities of what this place can offer. I have been trying to stake as much as I can lately.

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