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Hive and Leo is like a magic tree that keeps on giving.

I have been trying to get one of my friends to join Hive and Leo for some time so I spent an hour on the phone with him yesterday and to be honest it was hard work. I last tried over a year ago and thought under these economic times it would be an easier sell. The problem is people struggle to understand that you can earn from blogging and commenting plus voting. This is so out of left field it is difficult for everyone to comprehend who is unaware of this type of place.

He first of all mentioned why I had so much stake and hadn't sold it as that is what he would have done. I think honestly that is the problem with 99% of people who see this and why they never succeed. They just don't get it and can't understand that by staking and having value you are of more value to yourself and the community. Maybe they don't see this as real because of a lack of understanding and this is not exactly normal even though it is for us.

It does make you wonder if these people actually have any savings in real life and if they just blow everything monthly as that is what is being portrayed by this type of thinking. Why do you have to sell something if you have it and where is the long term thinking?

My answer which won him over was that this is not for now, but somewhere in the future and was thinking more in the lines of a top up pension fund. The thinking is that at some point Hive will explode because of the likes of Leo and other additions being constantly developed.

By having a decent sized stake you are at least giving yourself the chance to have financial options in the future. I have always envisioned having 250 000 Hive at some point and a large chunk of everything else including double digits in Leo. That way you are putting yourself in some sort of position if and when things happen. If they don't you have at least tried and taught yourself some skills along the way.

At some point there will be dollar signs in front of Hive and Leo and who could afford to drop $500 000 on buying stake which is what it will most likely cost when I have a decent sized stake across the board. We tend to forget about this as buying in when something is 12c against $2 or $5 is a total different story. Already we have seen Leo jump up and is 4 x Hive making it more costly to buy in and that will continue getting harder as the price increases and more people join. This is why selling ow makes no sense as later on it will be so much harder.

Most of the community on here understands the value of what is here and what could be possible in the years ahead and why the majority are staking whatever they have. Leo will become harder and harder to earn the bigger the community becomes so growing your stake should be the number one priority before everything is out of reach. Who could afford to replace their Leo or Hive if it was $5 next week?

I do believe Leo caught many people off guard as they were used to what Hive does as it has been stagnant for ages. Leo doubling and tripling in such a short period of time is something many of us are not used to and because of the growth and developments surrounding it at some point it will explode in price as this is just the early stages. When something is this good you cannot keep the masses away as the price will give it away. The same applies to Hive as if that was at $2 or $3 there would be more eyes viewing what is going on and they would not be able to resist learning more.

Patience is always the key and having a clear understanding of what is slowly unfolding. Things will get interesting very soon and who knows a $5 or $10 Leo is not out of the question along with a $2 or $5 Hive.

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It does make you wonder if these people actually have any savings in real life and if they just blow everything monthly as that is what is being portrayed by this type of thinking.

That is the attitude of most people. They are only focused upon what they have now.

Take the UNI airdrop. I got 400 of them and still holding. Some sold at the $3-$4 range. It is now back near $7.

By the way, the markettalk post is up...might be good for you to join in...lots of interaction and engagement taking place.

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Worry about today and not about tomorrow is all too common. We see the value of what we have and appreciate it far more than what others may see and I want no regrets.
I will go and visit the markettalk post and thanks for the link.

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I am happy that I already have a head start on the long term goals versus the others who are just starting on here. It is definitely not a get rich quick scheme. It is something you have to work towards. Nice post. Did you talk him into joining finally?

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head start is something and definitely not a quick scheme as I have been here 3 years nearly. I honestly don't know but was keen as he can include Hive in with his working role as he is involved with marketing at the local golf course. He has a lot to offer and would most likely be interested in sports and photography along with Leo. I would say he is more of an arty farty type who I have known since my army days.

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Well, hopefully we see him on here at some point soon.

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the concept is a bit hard to grasp even for people that are here for a while :D

having stake is nice, for upvoting others, earning from doing so, and with hope it will do something in the years to come.

i personally did not sell any of it, as it will not do anything to me right now, will not change my life, and i like distributing it to all of the people i find interesting.

I feel that at the moment it is a good thing to explain people that they don't own any of their accounts on the centralized platforms. and one thing that is sure on hive is that they own their accounts. coin could go up and down, they could earn shit ton or nothing from upovtes, but they for sure own their account.

Yes the concept is a mind bender and takes time to understand what is going on. I am not selling as it will make no difference to my life right now so there is no point. The bigger picture still has to arrive and then I am hoping to see the value and even then I won't be selling.

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my take on this at the moment is that this 15000 that i have will be the base for what ever happens. it will probably be there "forever". Would i like to have more, sure, will i be able to buy, or earn more, who knows.
liquid rewards in the future are the fair game to maybe sell :D

I am greedy as I want a good 100 000 as a base and more. I don't believe you can ever have enough and what drives me to keep plugging away. This is like a gold rush that no one knows about and the longer they stay away the more we can earn. At some point something will trigger the doors to open and we must be happy with what we have.

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It’s hard to talk some people in, I feel you. First thing I get usually is: ponzi...
Without even realising that they are comfortably accepting Ponzi schemes in their daily life :)

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And you can't blame them for thinking like that either as that is how society thinks of crypto in general. They will eventually wake up and realise how late they really are to the party.

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That’s right. Still trying to convince close friends as I would blame myself if I can’t bring them onboard before the gold rush.

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You can only do so much and hopefully they will listen. I was thinking of giving friends gifts of a Hive and Leo account ,but would they even use it. they need to learn and understand things to really get excited about wanting to join.

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Giving Hive/Leo account as a gift is great in a sense that it removes all the complexity of the onboarding.
Honestly not easy for people not too familiar with this kind of things :D

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Great post and fantastic points. Just look at charts from the early days when we were on that "other" blockchain. I suspect we will see similar patterns on this chain in similar markets. With the bull market kicking off and many people expecting the next several months to extremely bullish this should roll over into the altcoin markets as well. We're already seeing nice gains in the top 10 or 20 alts. Eventually that will spill over into smaller marketcaps and projects like HIVE and LEO. The future looks bright! Build now and grow is a great strategy because it's pretty hard to grow your stake when you start getting into the $1 + range unless you among the already wealthy!

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That is how I see it and knowing growth will be slower at some point we all need to do more now.

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I think that's the most difficult part, explaining well to someone about Hive and specially to the ones who doesn't know anything about crypto.

At some time this is going to explode (Hive at 1$-2$) and everyone will be beneficiate, but what I'm afraid of is when that moment comes everyone its gonna make crazy selling and starting to power down. but idk I hope not.

I don't think they will as many of us on here have been on here so long we see something far bigger. In my view $5 is too cheap and I won't be selling as the fear is it will be 410 at some point and to get back to what you had will be tough. Some will sell and they always will as we see now at 13 c they still sell. These users will struggle to find support eventually as why support people selling putting pressure on the price. You support people wit stake around you as everyone grows together.

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Long term is like another language to some hey! The amount of times I've heard "cash out while you can" is making me want to hold on and build my stake for the future - if it falls and goes to 0 then like you say, I'd have learned a lot in the time! In fact, a lot of my crypto investments have gone to 0 so there's that 😂

Hope we get to 250k HIVE stake, that's a nice target! I'd be happy with 5k LEO by the end of the year, aiming for 7.5k

What is another 3 years and by then we should have some serious stake. 7.5K is a decent number and one I hope you make. My problem is I like too many things like Leo and LBI so it is diluting my growth. Taking it week by week and hoping for the occasional big upvote which helps serious growth.

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Hehe I know what you mean! I sprinkled a lot of the hive I was getting from leases to buying up LEO to get to 1k so I could get some curation rewards back and get to the equivalent stake I have on HIVE! Then the LBI came along. Then other tokens like CTP, BRO, BROAG... Eesh, just had to pick and choose 😁 love it though.

As you say, 3 years (although feels like 30 in crypto) is not a long time in real life! The compounding effect means your stakes will grow faster as time goes on, exponentially I guess!

Any way, getting excited! Think I've lost the plot 😂

The plot was lost long ago lol. Also grabbing a bit of everything and yes with the compounding effect it will help grow that much quicker. 3 years is not that long and one where I am close to 50K already so if according to plan another 3 years will see me closer to 150K or maybe more. This all depends on the Hive price of course as it is way easier to earn right now being so cheap.

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I always try to do prospecting when it comes to inviting people on the platform. The concept always gets them off guard and as if crypto wasn't enough of a trouble to explain in the first place. The problem with just inviting anyone that shows remote interest is how long will their use of the platform be.

If I know the person as favoring instant gratification and powering down as soon as they get their rewards, that automatically counts as a red flag. There's already enough selling pressure to keep Hive prices low. Another is the difficulty to share a long term vision with what to do with their rewards beyond converting to fiat and reinvesting on something else.

I would value more personalities that have a long term plan to grow their stake here and reinvest with their rewards on blockchain based projects than cash out.

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Yes I would hate to invite someone who then became a milker making matters worse. I honestly would downvote them if they did that. Reinvesting and growing is the only way to succeed.