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RE: Life update: When fate fucks you in every possible way...Seems like giving your 100% every single day is just not enough.

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Sorry to read this and know there are 1000's of stories just like yours. I would be in the same boat but have a business partner who is loaded and makes money even if we are quiet. I honestly don't know what yo say and is there any chance you can get the coffee shop back in the New Year if it opens up again?
I haven't taken a salary since Feb and I feel for you as I know how being skint feels. Try and stay positive somehow as this is just super shitty and really unfair. You will be stronger for this and maybe other opportunities bigger and better will appear soon.

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Good for ya mate and I am really happy that this shit hasn't left any scars. Wish I had a partner like yours :P

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I think we all have scars from this as this has not been easy at all. You will bounce back as you have drive that others don't have.

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