The Secret Of The Bear

Definitely a Happy Fathers Day gift seeing this APR today.

This screen shot was taken this afternoon and just goes to show you there is low risk high APR available. 26% is a decent return for staking and doesn't have to be in something that has a no use case besides a DeFi token. There are genuine Crypto projects out there if you do your homework. This 26% wont remain at 26% but expect over a period of time to average out at around 15-16% which is a decent return.

The APR is as volatile as the market which makes for an interesting time and where you truly benefit from the dips. Every time the market drops many of the higher risk staking levels in the COTI treasury have to either move their stakes paying a fee or get liquidated. These fees earned then get divided up into the no risk level 1 section and this is all good fun.

Yesterday my stake was earning just over 4 COTI per day and now that stake is earning just under 11 COTI per day. This may not seem like much but over a length of time these numbers add up very quickly. Price has no bearing right now and is all about the accumulation of the coins. Compounding the APR every minute of every day is serious growth especially when you can see the numbers physically rising in your wallet.

This is what many would call grinding away as there is no quick get rich scheme in genuine projects. The grinding periods are the periods that will pay off and make the difference in the long run. Those of us that are prepared to patiently do this will come out ahead of the others who ignorantly cannot see what is going on.

This is using your time wisely and come 2025 or 2026 will reflect in the bags you now hold. The markets will turn at some point and what is there not to like coming out thousands of dollars ahead of where you once were.

In November last year I had a portfolio worth around $250K which was great but meant nothing as Crypto is still in it's early days and will be worth a hell of a lot more later on. The next goal in my head is to achieve $1 million by 2026 or 2027 depending on how the markets perform. This is not a dream number sucked out of my brain, but one I believe is a reality. The grind will get you there and this is all part of the journey and is actually quite fun being able to achieve growth every single day.

Many fail to understand the power of a Bear market and what is capable during these periods. The last Bear I learned so much taking in all the information I could and now it is being put to practice. We have to grow as individuals and use the experiences we have learned along the way to our advantage and this is the time to make the time count.

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