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Last week we had storm damage not only to the house but also contents to a leaking roof in three different places. We haven't had heavy rain for ages so when things go wrong they go wrong quickly.

I phoned the insurance company this morning for buildings and then the other one we have for contents. Buildings insurance was fine and we have already had someone around to assess the floor damage so we are getting 2 new floor coverings of our choice which was simple and straight forward.

The contents was not so straight forward as it was like we were stealing from them and should never be submitting a claim. They were just so rude and understand they need to whittle out the con artists from the legitimate claimers by asking questions.

If I can recall we claimed about 3 years ago for lightning damage that occurred twice in a 6 month period. This hit televisions and computers which were replaced however we later found other stuff affected that we never claimed and just couldn't go back after the claim had been finalised. It just seems funny as I am not worried about break ins and more worried about natural disasters whereas at other properties it was the total opposite.

This morning the lady said we were multiple claimers which I took offence to the fact that I cannot predict when things go wrong. Lightning hitting the house twice in 6 months happened and you cannot make that up and now with the storms I don't feel bad as I pay for a service they have to supply.

The lady went as far to say that our premiums will most likely increase and we will lose our no claim bonus. I am not bothered abut the no claim as if something is damaged then so be it. The premiums I have an issue with though so I phoned my motor insurance company who I have been with over 10 years and did a bundle package deal.

Many insurance companies sell you on a cheaper excess and a higher premium which I find odd as how often do you claim? This company offered me nearly $50 less per month on the premium and a slightly higher excess and were pleasant to deal with. They did ask if we have claimed before and explained our history which was not an issue according to them so all was good.

In the end the value of contents covered was increased including things like laptops which are not regarded as household contents because they are portable and are more in the "out and about" category. Things like the pool pump were added to the list which were not even offered by the other company and yet they still came in under half the other company. It does pay to shop around and recommend every couple of years to get new quotes as things do change.

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Although I have never done the insurance stuff, I prefer to pick one and stay with that one even though most times, we find out that that particular one at the end will want to play games with us.

It is a good thing that everything is sorted out and seriously? who doesn't fear natural disaster, when it comes, I damage everything not leaving anything untouched but break-ins, those people may never be able to pack just everything.

Good thing you got a good one and sorting things out for you.

I have heard it is really important to shop around for insurance quite frequently now. Back when I was a kid you picked one place and you stayed with them forever, but that isn't really the case anymore. I know a lot of them play the game between deductibles and premiums where they make one less and the other more to make the plan seem more attractive. I hope you get everything sorted out!

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I looking for a noose right now, these people are the worst lowlife scumbags, make you jump through hoops, and still don't want to cover shit. I know how you feel, I have been there!

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