The Time Will Come

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Luckily for all of us there are tons of developers on Hive who will at some point bring the party to us. Leo is doing it and others will too. DLUX with bridges from other blockchains to Hive has got me thinking and can't wait for these things to magically appear.

Looking at the markets and seeing many coins pumping without Hive is a little disconcerting if you don't know the ins and outs. Hive may go up at some point but I don't think we need to worry too much as the time will come. What we have to keep in the back of our minds that others tend to forget is we are all in this together and if one does well we all benefit. It may be @leofinance right now and 3Speak in 3 months time followed by DLUX, but they are all adding and creating value. Developments and community combined is where the real value is as we have only had the community as a selling point up to now if you honestly think about it.

Leo is doing well as it has a use case with the WLeo tying up plenty of stake plus LBI also helped in that matter too. The coming airdrop whenever that might be is all positive happenings creating awareness and fueling the demand.

Hive quite frankly has nothing different and is business as usual so why would investors suddenly arrive. I am sure many would invest if they knew what was lined up with 3Speak and DLUX later this year.

Both of these projects are super exciting and why I delegated to DLUX today as I see it as something that if anything is going to change the Hive game this could. I don't just delegate to anything and believe this may just help and why I should support this project. I am not very technical with this type of stuff, but I know it offered many use cases similar to Uniswap without the fees of Ethereum. The post speaks about other blockchains building bridges onto Hive and is quite mind blowing what this could open up. If you missed it you may understand it more than me. This stuff is too complicated and above my technical paygrade unfortunately.

Development is the key to creating awareness and a use case which should result in a price rise. I believe Hive is just bubbling right now and at some point this year we will see things coming to fruition that outsiders cannot ignore.

Hive as communities goes is full of developers which we tend to forget as we are here all the time. Things will start to move very quickly as the ideas are tested out and are ready to go. We have always said as a community we need to attract the masses in by developing things that others need and every time something new appears we are hoping this is the one.

3Speak along with DLUX plus the ongoing Leo development are just a handful of projects we know about and needless to say there are probably many more we haven't even heard of yet in development stages.

That is why looking at others doing well with the Alt season shouldn't make you worry as Hive will be amongst them soon enough.

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Awesome stuff. Thanks for sharing! I agree with you, it can be pretty depressing to see the price of Hive still sitting so far down on the chart. Especially since we know how awesome this place is. It is only a matter of time!

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