Are you Investing in Hive? Some Ideas for Improvement

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Hive on the Rise Today - Are you Investing in Hive?

What's driving the price of Hive today? I can only speculate, and what I think it is, is the concern from the loyal Steemit folks. That power down should concern a lot of holders of Steem, we all know the new owners should deserve any sort of real trust!

I've been buying up Hive lately knowing there is no real catalyst in the horizon and all the hype is with DeFi. Why is that? Because I enjoy using Hive. To me, Hive is where I'm choosing to allocate a certain percent of my recent profits.

For instance, I just made 3 times my investment on Cardano. So I sold some ADA, and bought a bunch of Hive. If Hive tanks in price, so be it, but I like to have a ton of Hive Power to provide better curation and make my activity on Hive more worthwhile not only to myself, but to those I engage with.

Hive Stakeholder-ship

What does being a Hive stakeholder mean to you? For me, as I start getting more Hive I somehow start to want to be more involved with sharing ideas to make Hive better.

While I think Hive is amazing, I also think there are things that need to be considered. Like Hive Jobs, how can we create jobs on Hive and monitor performance with a system of checks and balances.

How can we better show the value proposals bring? There are so many ways stakeholders can leverage their particular industry experience in an open source model to make Hive a better place.

Favorite Aspects of Hive

I enjoy Hive for many reasons. This is a great place to share ideas, learn and most importantly meet awesome people. Learning about different communities is something I enjoy, I find it rewarding as well. The various communities on Hive have introduced me to things I wouldn't have considered otherwise. Such as, I'm starting to take way more pictures of my son than ever before. Plus, now I want to start taking him to new places to have better content!

Really though, Hive just makes life more fun! Let's be serious, Hive is the best place to learn about anything new in Crypto. That's probably what brought us here in the first place.

SEO Workout and Cooking Templates

So one thing I don't do enough of here is post recipes. There are probably two things I do a lot. Create work outs and recipes. All based on fundamental health principles.

I'm looking to enhance health and wellness further and don't see good SEO templates on something that should be guided. Meaning, all recipes in one Hive set format to maximize and drive SEO results. Same concept would apply for work outs. I look to google all the time for workouts and recipes, Hive needs to be the results at the top!

Expect more to come from me in these areas. Believe it or not I actually cured myself of a 8 year auto-immune/inflammation issue through very strict diet and exercise protocols that have changed my life!

Thanks for stopping by!


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Happy to see Hive price move in a positive direction today! It doesn't hurt to attract more eyeballs to the platform. Long-term, this is one stake people will not want to miss out on. Everyone gets social media, and Hive is ahead of the game when it comes to how social media should operate on the blockchain. Communities, tokens, smart contracts, great people and discussion is the recipe for success.

ahead of the game?
guy has just put together a quality post and obviously time and effort and got 2 comments?
and then you have a marky post total bollocks with 50 comments coz he might pity someone and drop em a pity vote 👍
Hive is way ahead in unsocial media

Dude, ahead of the game was a generalized comment. Could there be improvements to Hive's issues? Absolutely. What I mean is that they are an early adopter of social media on blockchain, with a growing user base. In that sense, yes they are light years ahead of some of the other duds out there, and the ones that do not exist yet.

As for the number of his comments, this post is only on day 3. So, a little early to judge on total comments.

As for your statement about "marky post," are you saying someone in general, or me specifically? I don't think I mark out over anything or anyone. And I don't think I've ever had 50 comments on any post. So either you mean "you" generally speaking and not me specifically, or you are confused.

Also, I don't think people pity vote on a large scale.

Thanks for adding to his total comment count. I guess you at least achieved that.

not you in particular but look at the trending page. check some out a pic with no writing gets more votes than numerous quality posts.
what we have created is a make money for fuk all system.
but we forgot to mention in the small print that doesnt really work that way you need to invest money.
every single post video about steem now hive is make money by posting.
enthasis on money.
have you ever seen a post about facebook,twitter etc about making money the initial value is communication last thing they promote is money.
your 'growing userbase number' must be exciting litterly you.
splinterlands is the biggest userbase between steem/hive and that has 5k on a good day minus duplicate acc minus bots your left with? f all
ps you shouldnt give any votes for comments then see how many you get. also giving out vote(money) for free doesnt work.
if people started getting money and stopped buying hive. hive goes to....
so essentially we need people to keep buying.
if everyone decided to start selling tommorow and people stopped buying what would happen? end game
doesnt that sound like a pyramid scheme?

Ahh ok. I thought you meant me personally lol. Thanks for clarifying.

Dude, listen, neither Hive nor Steem is a perfect system. Like I said, growing userbase compared to what’s out there as far as social media on blockchain or dapps in general. It’s not like people are leaving Hive. Sure, it’s not on a rocket booster either.

As for the pyramid scheme thing, that’s a stretch. For one, if you’re selling, and someone is buying, they see either value, or potential to profit. You can’t even use the word pyramid scheme, because in order to be that, you have to be charging a fee to enter.

Is it likely better if a noob buys Hive? Does it have benefits? Yes. But is it required? No.

Do we see a massive amount of users earnings explode without buying? Not really, but we are nowhere near the scale for that to truly be judged. Truth be told, there just isn’t a lot of content on Hive that mainstream users would enjoy. So to them, there is a lack of quality content that would be considered viral. Viral on Hive does not translate to real world viral.

So, if Hive were to attract mainstream content creators, who could actually attract large numbers of followers to Hive, they would probably begin earning decently on Hive with zero buy in. But nobody here produces that level of viral content. That level of content is shared on mainstream social media platforms daily by a wide audience of content creators, and many times by random people who just happened to catch the attention of a huge content creator.

So, I think at scale, it’s possible to see that you can earn well on hive with no initial purchase. But that is TBD.

But as for pyramid scheme, nah. Compensation is not at all tied to you recruiting new members. Nobody is required to buy Hive, and there are zero promises that you can successfully earn money from posting content whether you have powered up Hive or not.

Question for you: if you really thing Steem/Hive are that bad, then why stuck around? Do you hope these things can change and get better? Or is it doomed and you’re here to watch the fireworks? Just curious, because the day that Hive is not fun for me, I mean i would just sell out and bounce. I did that with Steem. I just gave up, too much bs there. Hive isn’t perfect by any means, but as far as blockchain social media, what out there is better?

agree with your points on mainstream and viral stuff for sure we just dont have the right subject matter and mainstream appealing posts.
having said that we have clearly told any potential BIG investor do not come coz if you invest your money in our platform and try changing it in any way we will fuk you over. thats the message to non hive people out there. outside our little bubble noone gives a shit and especially after the js saga even less so now but people in this bubble cant see it coz hive was right in the whole issue not one single mistake from our side.
me personally i am invested in tokens and have other accounts on both platforms plus blurt now lol and curate. not interested in posting as 1 dont make any money and by some miracle if i was to would quickly be downvoted so best stick to a safe strategy 😉
i totally understand u and others dumping steem but to be fair its way better than the drama over here. given you might have to learn korean to communicate lol but overall way better.
steem was at zero once people dumped for hive 🤔
hive will be higher than steem on cmc 🤔
now the new buzz is steemit powering down and dumping 🤔 we will see.
Hive had the potential to do great stuff but essentially same people at the top doing same bs.
Check the dao for an example less than 10 people taking the lot and noone can do anything.
its a flawed system was on steem is on hive. whats the solution?
No idea lol

I see what you mean. There are many problems here, some of them the same as what was on Steem.

In my opinion, at least here we don’t have Steemit Inc. and Ned, which were bigger problems. And I don’t think I’d trust JS to have done anything good with Steem. Maybe he’ll prove me wrong, but I doubt it.

Now, essentially there are still many issues here on Hive. And yes, some of those issues we see from some of the same whales who can really control and influence what happens.

However, that doesn’t mean that it can’t change by other whales investing and trying to make a difference, but that won’t be easy. It would take a lot of investment from multiple people and companies to over power the current power players and structure. But look at this big picture wise, there are plenty of whales in the real world and blockchain space that could instantly come in and buy enough HP to influence any changes they like. What you see in power today, is not what will remain in power. There is not one whale here that is going to overpower individuals and companies with 100s of millions, if not billions of dollars.

I dunno. Despite it’s flaws, I think I just see the potential, and also know that as it scales, the pieces change and move, and that can cause massive shifts in power and influence on this chain. Some of that will be good, and some of it bad. I think it’s not wise to compare the JS situation, because effectively that stems from the history of the laugh of Steem and Steemit Inc. Bigger players coming I to Hive could be perceived as a threat, but whales and witnesses today wouldn’t be able to do anything to them because they won’t be holding the most Hive, and they wouldn’t have procured that Hive by a shady deal with Ned. So essentially they wouldn’t have the footing to just that off again. You have to have a good reason and a legit threat, which many considers JS to be.

And, I disagree. People can do something about problems on Hive, the DAO, etc., it’s called putting your money where your mouth is, or recruiting those who can do so. Nothing those guys on the DAO are doing came free. Most of them had to earn or buy that HP, so how they choose to use it or defend their investment is on them. For anyone that doesn’t like it, you always have the option to step up and compete, invest more, recruit allies to do the same. It’s not like there is anything stopping anyone from any time to join the chain, power up, and use that power and influence to their advantage.

It’s messy, not perfect, but it can change, it can get better. But that doesn’t come cheaply or easily. Most people don’t care enough, or have enough resources to do that. But that doesn’t mean there won’t come a day where people do.

they aint paid nothing neither have me or you remember its free money. yeah some of them got screwed over with there steem stake but they have the same they aint paid for it. Essentially its free money for everyone so naturally you have less feeling for it.
lets just say me or you invest a shit ton and decide we dont like 13 week powerdowns and downvotes and wanna change it as we have much more power than the others put together. do we have the right?
you would think so but would we be allowed to? no you would get the same situation and another fork. they have done it once they will do it again they have frozen the biggest acc out so why wouldnt they again?
anyone with real money wouldnt even consider investing in hive knowing the background.
you could have your own blockchain for a fraction of the price look at blurt.
lets say they set up hive and zeroed every account and everyone started from zero (like an ico) how many would have dumped steem for hive?
99% would say yes 98% are chatting shit.
noone would leave a working blockchain with a name and a brand for a copy.
this is what we suggested to blurt to do but they knew it wouldnt work.
ps we got the comments up on this post lol
good job

Also, I will definitely agree with you on one point. Telling people that Hive is a place to post content and earn money, is the worst way to recruit new users. It’s borderline dishonest because it’s just not that simple or easy. So, really it does not serve the community well to make that a focal point.

I would say a better option is to promote Hive as a place that can host commerce, and allow you to tokenize and reward your followers.

I don’t earn a lot of Hive on my posts. I really don’t think I should, cuz the audience that would appreciate and like my content, they just aren’t here yet (jiu jitsu people).

But I do use the fact that it’s easy to do commerce on Hive, easy to reward your followers in tokens, and also good for merchants of followers are potentially earning Hive and other tokens, because that income could flow back into sales. That’s really what I tell most people when I speak about Hive.

This idea that everyone can post and earn a lot, that doesn’t work here, just as it doesn’t work in mainstream social media. There aren’t a lot of influencers when you consider scale of mainstream social media. Not everyone can do it, it’s cutthroat, and you can disappear as quickly as you appear.

Hive is nowhere near big enough to truly judge how it will act at scale. But it should be similar to mainstream social media in some ways.

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I would say that HIVE price has survived the biggest test when most of the money coming from the STEEM Power Downs stopped... Personally, I had some concern at that time, but luckily a lot of the people have recognized the real value of the Hive...

I'm very bullish about our future here...

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