Ethereum or Cardano - Why not Both?

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Ethereum or Cardano

Why not Both?

Would you rather have a whole bunch of Ethereum or Cardano? For me, that was a pretty difficult choice, so I chose both!

About 3 months back, I decided to buy a lot of crypto anticipating the upcoming bull run. At the time, I knew Ethereum had 2.0 coming and Cardano had the Shelly hardfork as well. It was so hard to decide which one would provide me the best ROI so I basically split my holdings 50/50.

So far, this proved to be a smart move since I wasn't planning on swing trading or anything, just holding. Cardano has actually done better to date, going up about 3x. While Ethereum has still done me very well going up about 2x (not quite exactly).

Ethereum Fundamental Analysis

Ethereum 2.0

I have briefly described the upcoming Ethereum upgrade to ETH 2.0 in my Hive post yesterday. To explain simply - dividends are given to stakers.

Currently the network is PoW (proof of work), similar to bitcoin whereby the authenticity of transactions requires miners; however, on it's transition to ETH 2.0 all transactions will be authenticated by all the stakers of the new PoS network.

What This Means...

Under this new model, the Ethereum 2.0 network will create incentive for all ETH hodlers to stake their tokens in wallets as opposed to trading on the exchanges.

Naturally this will lead to less volume being available on the market and should help drive the price further expanded by FOMO from the bull run we're currently experiencing.

Since the upgrade is not out yet, and we're currently only in test-net, there is huge HYPE potential here and for me is a nice opportunity to 'hopefully' see some positive returns.

Cardano Fundamental Analysis

First, here are a couple previous posts I've done on Cardano if you are starting from scratch.

  1. Why Cardano is in fact the ETH Killer
  2. Cardano Coin Review - Will ADA Prices Reach $1 In 2019? Is This The 3rd Generation Blockchain? Let's Discuss!

I'll go into a little more depth in this review of Cardano, since I would assume most people are familiar with Vitalik Buterin, I'd like to focus on who the founder of Cardano is.

3 Pillars of Cardano's Community

  1. IOHK
  2. Cardano Foundation
  3. Emurgo

Charles Hoskinson IOHK

Charles used to be part of the Ethereum team but split off in June 2014. After leaving that team Charles went to start IOHK.

Since that time Charles still currently serves the Cardano blockchain through IOHK. IOHK is on contract if you will, to build the infrastructure of Cardano's running blockchain to include the most recent Shelly hard-fork upgrade.

One important thing to note about IOHK is the team actually includes the person who invented the Haskell programming language, Philip Wadler - see source

Cardano Foundation

The Cardano foundation is in most simple terms, the governance community. This community is the heart of Cardano much like other blockchains with huge communities: Tron, EOS, ETH


Emurgo serves Cardano for the larger opportunity the new blockchain can bring to B2B markets such as: Supply Chain, DAPP Development, etc.

Hard to Chose?

Like I said in the beginning I decided to go 50/50 on my holdings of Cardano and Ethereum, so now that you've done more of a deeper dive yourself, maybe you'll understand why I chose to do so.

Hopefully this post helps show readers why I'm such a huge fan of Cardano too!

Trust me, I understand the hype right now is mostly with Ethereum but you should understand why I thought it'd make sense to make a comparison with Cardano in my fundamental review of each blockchain.


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Love the post :)

I am a massive Cardano fan too. Did you start staking your ADA? If so which pool did you delegate your ADA to?

I am in the same boat as you, I bought both Cardano and Ethereum, both projects will try to outdo each other and this will allow innervation and will drive their prices upwards.

Cardano has a head start on Ethereum 2.0 as Shelly is here and who knows when Ethereum 2.0 is coming out. Cardano just needs to lure some defi apps to jump ships (to use the ERC 20 token converter) or developers to build apps on the Cardano block-chain. Future is bright for Cardano. In saying that Ethereum is well established and have some of the best developers in the crypto space. The battle goes on? Who will win?

You will see the prices of Cardano will go to the upside in the next couple of days or weeks. Exchanges are currently going through an upgrade to accommodate the Shelly fork, so you can't buy ADA or withdraw.

Thanks for contributing to the content of this post with further input on Cardano!

I agree with your points and the competition is just another thing to keep the hype alive too.

I think Cardano will actually win in the end, but I'll probably stick with 50/50 for awhile.

I do not delegate, didn't want to screw it up with the testnet. I will once it's out with Shelly. I saw your staking post. Very nice friend!

I am sticking to 50/50 too for now. I would love to see some adoption or apps being developed on the Cardano blockchain first. At the moment its all speculations and hype. I don't want to be a buzz killer, I love the Cardano project, but they are competing with the 2nd largest crypto, ETH.

Adoption of DAPPS is key. I like how they way Charles is approaching it and making a transition streamlined through Emurgo

I am actually enjoying this ride, personally I want to see Cardano succeed as the team is engaging the community, with frequent videos and they are very transparent.

Cardano have built a great foundation and yes its very streamlined, developers won't have a problem building apps on the blockchain.

I need to understand crypto trading. Not day trading but at least to understand what to expect and how to anticipate.
I do not know how and where to start

Some tokens you can really just treat like Hive. Just hold. If you look at some of my previous posts. I talk about how I've learned to avoid trading and appreciate hodling lol

Thanks. I will make sure i will go through your old posts.😀

I am the king of hodling lol

I haven't sold mt iota since the big hype in 2017 and I am hoping it will come good

Huge fan of both projects. I'm really excited to see them compete.

Charles Hoskinson is one of my fav crypto people and he's such a good leader in the space. I think Cardano is one of the best buys right now. It's still so cheap to get in and stake. I'm sure it won't stay that way for long.

Eth 2.0 has a lot to prove. Hopefully this upgrade works as advertised. Charles seems to think they just won't be able to scale the way Cardano will. Exciting to see how these two play out.

For now, it's a must to own both. Eth is exploding due to defi, and Cardano will have tokens and smart contracts soon. You won't want to miss out on either of these projects!