Is the next bull run coming soon?

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Is the next bull run coming soon?

What will trigger the next crypto bull run? Is it coming soon?

These are the top 2 questions investors of various blockchains are wondering. So let's do some speculating today.

What are we waiting for?

I think we're waiting on a few things:

  • Something big with Ethereum; i.e. ETH 2.0
  • More announcements from major companies hedging their investment portfolio with bitcoin and/or Ethereum
  • Announcement of a digital dollar
  • FUD with the USD
  • Election to be over
  • Covid to be over

Honestly I started getting a little creative at the end of the list. I'm not exactly positive if COVID and/or the election has much of a correlation with cryptocurrencies but I wouldn't be surprised if it did with potential first time buyers.

I think right now a lot of people are not sure what the economy is going to look like a year from now, compounded by the election I think it might be post the U.S. election until there is more certainty in the overall market. I suspect this may be the case because as of late, there has been more correlation between the U.S. stock market and cryptocurrency.

Crypto Market Review


As you can see bitcoin dominance is beginning to fade and some alt coins are beginning to grow, mostly the recent trending Defi coins are taking a lot of the market share.

I don't think we've seen the end of bitcoin though, I think this may only be the start. If projections play out for bitcoin, we should expect to see a new all time high reached and right now might be the time to hedge your bet and get back into some btc.


The overall market looks really compelling if you ask me. This looks almost identical to the disbelief phase of the famous wall street market cheat sheet chart see below.

Source: Google Images

Safe to buy now?

Believe it or not, I'd say we're still in an accumulation phase for a lot of cryptos. Even though some have already gone up three times in value, even those may still be safe bets as many alt coins lost up to 95% of their value from 2017.

If things play out like most markets do, most top cryptos should see their previous all time highs surpassed. So, this is a huge investment opportunity across the board and certainly a wave a lot of blockchain investors are experiencing if they were buying back in 2017.

I've mentioned my strategy in previous posts but this year I plan on not diversifying as much and sticking early on with only a few alt coins in my portfolio. The top two alt coins I have my bet on this year are Cardano and Ethereum, because Defi is hot and both these blockchains support various DAPPs/Defi projects.

Cardano might surprise us all though since this year they are going almost fully decentralized, at least they're taking a major step towards that direction with the implementation of Shelly.

DYOR, I am not a financial professional and this is not financial advice


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Dear @cryptoknight12

Do you think crypto space is mature enough for another crypto bull run? Sometimes I wonder if 2017 wasn't the worst thing that could happened to this industry. It make many people rich, however many more lost their savings, it attracted loads of politicians, regulators and central banks to step in.

I wonder if we're ready for another bull run. I think we're not. Hope I'm wrong.

Take care and check your discord :)
Yours, Piotr

I don't think we'll see as many alt coins surge like we saw in 2017; however, I think the blockchains that solve scalability in a secure way will see huge opportunities for investors. Personally, that's why I focus so much on Ethereum and Cardano. They are the first step because DAPPs and Defi really depend on them. No DAPP wants all the marketing required for being the infrastructure. They'll see the first boom, then others will follow exponentially as well. I'm just focusing on the core blockchain's and I think the Market is getting more mature on looking to solve for that thru ETH 2.0 and Cardano's shelly / main-net

Hi @cryptoknight12

I didn't hear from you in a while. Hope to see you posting more often in our PH community :)

I'm going with the next ATH being Dec 2021.

I wouldn't mind that, I can accumulate so much until then!

I only got 0.00146500 BTC for my $30 canadian today so if I could buy about 71 Hive, or I could hodl it. I have no doubt about Bitcoin reaching 20k.

Hive in this range is nice to accumulate because you earn 3% by staking plus curation around 8-15%. I'm slowly staking more Hive too cuz I love it and all

hope up for bull run and when is next picture comic coming also I need you help in this
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