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RE: The Argument Over Bitcoins Value

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I often hear this one from Gold bugs, that Bitcoin has no value because it has no other demand other than storing value. They say gold can be used in dentistry, jewelry and industrial components.

I love the argument that bitcoin has no industrial use or intrinsic value, why would anyone buy gold because they think more people are going to want to bling out! Bitcoin has more value than gold because you can easily transfer it, sell it, etc. Most people who say negative things about bitcoin are just jealous no-coiners who wished they bought a long time ago!

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LOL yes no-coiners or closet coiners trying to accumulate while trying to get others to sell. If You really thought Bitcoin is so shit you wouldn't even talk about it, I mean I don't care much for apple or tesla so I don't talk about it, I don't pay attention to it.

Why would someone be so annoyed with what others do with their money and on top of that if you think you're right, wouldn't that mean you benefit when people buy Bitcoin and you don't? Because we're going to lose all our money and you will win, so wouldn't that make you happy enough to not care what others are doing?

I mean for me I don't care about stock investors, I do what I like and I don't tell them the markets going to eat them alive

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People are greedy and jealous but if they make a good decision they'll tell you to jump aboard, i.e. shilling their own idea/stock!

Lol totally, lots of fools gold flying around in digital lately, I actually did a rant about shilling not too long ago