When Should you Sell Ethereum?

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When Should you Sell Ethereum?

When should you sell Ethereum? The one thing you can count on is ETH passing it's previous all time high.

That's because once we break key resistance levels the bull run is just going to continue. The best part is, most new ETH holders will choose to stake a lot of their new coins to earn more Ethereum.

Ethereum Bull Run Driver

I think one big driver of the recent bull run in DeFi applications is that US regulators are beginning to open up to the idea of banks and bitcoin by allowing banks to hold cryptocurrency for its customers.

Banks and bitcoin are going to be a catalyst for a lot of hedge fund money coming back into crypto, which is why I think the previous all-time high will be surpassed for Ethereum.

Source: CoinMarketCap.com

Consolidation of Coins

Source: Cointelegraph.com

In this article, the Winklevoss Twins talk about how most investors in this altcoin bull run will be different. By difference, they say that most investors will consolidate their holdings with fewer coins. I actually agree with this, since this was what I was planning to do all along myself from the lessons I learned from 2017.

This is a really good article to gain some fundamental understanding if you're more of a conservative investor. It's important to understand the risk and gather as many opinions you can during any crypto bull run!

Sell After ETH 2.0

You should probably start selling your Ethereum long after 2.0 is released. That's my plan at least!

I'm not exactly sure when ETH 2.0 will be fully implemented so that's the reason I don't think it's a good idea to sell early. The Ethereum team is investing heavily into 2.0 so that it's successful and the hype is huge!

So my recommendation for when to sell your Ethereum is long after the release of 2.0. If you're a good trader, you can probably make even more from swing trading during this bull run.

Do your own research. I am not a professional and this is not financial advice.


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For me, ETH is HODL and use a little bit to spend on games hehehe ...

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Umm, probably like 8-10k to be honest.

We might get there... my risk assessment would put that timeline at 2026 ;)

Don't see why I would sell my stack. Currently its invested earning 5.5% and if I can do better than that staking with 2.0 then I will.

At some point I may use some of my earnings to pay for what I need. But I have no plans to sell.

In no way am I selling to sell not at least until well after 2.0! I'm definitely going to take some profit!

Do you use any crypto investing platforms? I use them, this one earns 5.5%

I don't plan to sell my stack as I think 18 months after ETH 2.0 will see massive utilization of the network and inflation will be less than BTC. As such i think ETH could go to levels that seem insane today. At those levels the 5.5% earnings will be nice.


Not sure if I trust these. I think Binance will offer ETH staking. Transferring to the 2.0 network will be optional in the beginning. I'll check into these though, thanks for sharing my friend!

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