1000$ away for BTC to hit a new ATH

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It was Dec 16, 2017 when BTC hit ATH at $19,665.39, almost 3 year later it knocks again that door and looks ready for way higher heights. That time the majority of the coins (altcoins) had followed BTC on a crazy run that led people to feed with unfounded expectations for every shitcoin out there that eventually crashed into oblivion. Now it's a bit different, the altcoins are still follow BTC but there's not comparison with what happened 3 years ago, with only exception Ethereum that looks pretty bullish. In my humble opinion only projects with true potential will survive and eventually thrive, leofinance it seems that might be one of those projects, it has very strong community, it's built on amazing blockchain, it has a hard working dev team with vision, it has the native token (wleo) pegged with ETH (that's huge) and pretty much the fundamentals to be successful.

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You're comparing two different time frames. If you should compare this rally I consider that the end of 2016 or the beginning of 2017 would be the best to be taken into consideration. That time when BTC hit $20k it was one and half years after the halving and now we're six months after the last halving. One year from is when we'll be once again close to the end of the bull market and that's when we should compare the situation of the late 2017 with what the end of 2021 will offer. Only then we can draw conclusions whether altcoins followed indeed BTC as in 2017 and if fundamentals matter for the bull market. It's too soon in my opinion. That's how I see it.

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Im comparing two strong BTC bull runs for ATH, doesn't matter when they occur, the comparison is about the target (ath) and what happened in the market that particular time. In a year we might speak in completely different terms (i.e BTC trying to hold over 30k).

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@acesontop is right here. Because Bitcoin is actually designed to have a 4 year cycle. The bull run we are seeing today is not nearly as strong as the one in 2017, but in strength more comparable to the 2016 one.

November 2013 –> January 2017

November 2017 –> end of 2020

We haven't seen the top yet. But when we reach it, there'll likely be a significant drop before we start accumulating again.

For comparison, the year 2017 was completely different and the bull-run was longer, but eventually came with a much, much stronger wave:

November 2016 –> January 2018

This, or something like it is what I think we may be seeing in 2021.

So we have to wait 3 years to draw any conclusions.

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the question is, what will happen after 20k?

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A strong correction maybe?

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