Why we should blog more on Publish0x

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I've been blogging on Publish0x for quite awhile now, but i was never very active there at least to the extent tham I'm used to be here. That have changed the last couple of months and it's not only the payment rewards as many of you may thought, although they have an interesting way to distribute it to their users. Publish0x has a reasonable userbase that mainly interested for financial stuff and investment opportunities, readers or authors it's a userbase that WE as @leofinance aiming for, want and must onboard on Leo.
Someone could say "yes we want, but how?" It's simple, do what you already did here on leofinance and use your contet there with the "posted using leofinance" link in the end of your posts.


It's something that already working, generate traffic and already getting people on board. We also have to take advantage of leo' momentum, wleo is released and might interest many people engaging with ETH (wleo is an Ethereum token), sign-up is easier than ever, the potential rewards of a good content here on leofinance are greater than any site out there and Hello there is a bull run that will make many people engage with cryptos.


This is a great time for exposure and the best time to get onboard people after 3 years, so make an account on Publish0x post your leo content there and be sure that will help Leofinance grow!

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I totally forgot about that site. Time to dust off the old account and maybe try posting.

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Well it's a good site, the rewards are thin but it works great for leofinance.

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Just signed up! Waiting for approval

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That's nice!

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I am a one year old user on publish0x now and I don't regret a post shared there. I don't engage much, but I share all of my posts that I do in here over there as well. I always mention that they were first posted on leofinance and have the ling at the end of the posts.

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I don't engage much either, but always answer to comments on my blog. You are doing pretty well there congratz!

Thanks. I am doing pretty much the same.

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Thanks to you, I just published my first Publish0x article! When working together we are the strongest!

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That's nice, the more the merrier!