Bitcoin Has A Massive Upside Yet To Come! Market Still Wait Buyers

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The price of bitcoin is still trading on bottom of our assembly line. the trend is still we would like to come in and purchase bitcoin though somewhere there alongside that line because not only is the price cheaper it also would confirm to us that the upward momentum in bitcoin is still there that would be the area.
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We would like to come in and load up as much bitcoin as possible you tell that we are definitely trading well away from that particular area i mean as a matter of fact. we are what about down away from that the market really is a good area in bitcoin towards what i'm going to do i'm going to switch this over to a five-day time frame .
the market has been inundated with more and more selling .
We should be able to see some areas of support into the market for bitcoin the first one is going to be relatively close to where we are the next area it's going to be around 42,000 $. those two support errors will be real important in the market for bitcoin to hold in order for us to reclaim higher price movement.

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