Bitcoin Trying To Hold This Support Area! Price Will Have A Big Move Within 24 Hours

What we're expecting the market to do going forward should we take this price prediction at a loss while we have it minimize it and then take the movement to the downside
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We continue to ride with our current prediction and anticipate the market go higher and then as well take a look at this blog because obviously people are trying to question whether or not bitcoin can they now fall into the sec trap of trying to call their cryptocurrency

What bitcoin did in regards to the issuance of their bitcoin we're doing the same thing but if you want to understand precisely where price is going to go all without being confused that's one of the biggest competitive advantages.
The market in bitcoin continues to go lower in price the market try to get sold off and bitcoin is trying to do the same thing in other crypto currency this market is trying to sustain that the market is not trying to drop it's what i'm trying to tell you the market in bitcoin is not trying to fall there are definitely buyers trying to come through into this market in Bitcoin

If we close lower than this previous days price bar i will tell you i got to be real with everyone in our community the price will go lower we are already seeing indications that the weakness is present this is our last hope.

This last completed day price bar it's kind of like a pop-up showing his head saying i'm trying to uphold this price this is what the trap is trying to tell us if he's not able to successfully in the next some days we're going to see a bigger movement to the downside.

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