Ethereum Brokedown Where Will We Bounce?One More Pumping Coming For Ethereum


The market in ethereum go higher what i'm going to do the market in ethereum and we wasn't too far in our prediction to see how high the market and ethereum can go came all the way up towards 2,140 dollar give or take our ultimate was down around 10 percent .
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I'm going to get rid of and we really need to talk about that that number we're not going to be tricked we're not going to be caught off guard because the trap literally has shown us that this particular area in ethereum has already acted as restriction 2,200 dollars.

We are creating the range we're not going to be caught off guard we understand what the market movement is we understand what the sentiment into the market in ethereum we just seen the market trade sideways over the market in ethereum is just bouncing in between those lines.
We need to how strong the market really is and what would be to breakage would we break this restriction line to the upside or will we break the support line to the downside.

We could get the idea on a longer time frame you can already tell a lot of volume that came in on this last completed price bar and we was able to see the market close off of the high .

The market in ethereum why the restriction still came in around 2,300 dollar.we're pretty much seeing an increase in volume and that's in relation to what we've seen already historically in terms of volume bars .

we've seen a lot of volume the market close off of those highs tells us that there's more selling going on in the market in ethereum

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