Leo coin Set To Lose 15% As Market Melts Down?

The market in leo saw a lower price movement and why you're able once you know how to read the markets you won't become you know scared or fearful once you see a particular market come through and break what you expected it to happen the market in leo around 22 cents.
images 27.jpeg
The market went a little bit higher than that but it wasn't extreme it went maybe about a 10 cents higher when the market in leo came through and broke our restriction area we wasn't fearful we still stood back
The market continue to work because we really needed to see indications that the market was really bullish these days following july there was no bullish action coming through the market still maintained a lot of the weakness and then ever since that time take a look at the price of leo has been continuing to be on the decline
It's been falling ever since how you're able to actually be calm because you can actually tell what the market is reading you see as i extend it over we're at our ultimate price today what we doing the market for leo really what we're going to do first is we're going to use these chart still i'm going to extend this line up just a little bit lower.

I'm going to extend this support line at the bottom which is around and 22 cents we're going to hold see if the market can hold that for support that's pretty good establishment of support in the market for leo you can see that the market and leo has sustained that price above 20 cents.

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