Proofofbrain Didn't Completely Fall Instead We Closed Higher Than The Close


The market in proofofbrain almost topped out we had our price around the market in your pob on july came all the way up there to 30 cents.
We still see the price in go ups and down.we can maintain this prediction we can anticipate the price to go a little bit higher and market target at these charts. you see price bars which is inclusive of the current one the price in pob definitely saw some weakness.
What we're getting we're still seeing the ability of the market trying to sustain that price from actually dropping further that's positive what's going on we're still seeing the market having the ability to try to go higher all of this is sentiment what people are feeling in the marketing in pob.

You need to follow what people are feeling if the market was truly bearish well in the next few hours if it was going to end in the next few minutes at the high i would say that the pricing pob is still strong and i would still be expecting the price to go higher.
This current through day price bar is not going to look the way it looks but under the market of what we're seeing today as of this particular second has given us a lot of strength we are seeing how the marketing is a great battle between the buyers and the sellers.

When you see the market close the price of pob and who are trying to sell it's kind of like a wash this upcoming trading week in pob is going to give us a little bit more information as to strength be sustained at this from the daily time frame we sure see that market continue to go higher.

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