What's Going On Leo 😑If We're Not Hold This Level We Dump To 19 cents😭

We really cannot change our prediction into the market in leo until price breaks above 30 cents, the market and leo has been trading so far and generally what i'm seeing on the daily time frame is the weakness.
images 27.jpeg
Now granted we're still traded sideways we're noticing the weakness into the market in leo is not extremely weak the market is just trading sideway because this is a viable trend from what i just see this line could be the trinidamatic and it wouldn't be a surprise don't act surprised .
If the market is able to come all the way back down 20 cents in the long term it looks a little bit more feasible that this market in the matter can actually come all the way back down towards 25 cents.

We can still see that leo is finding a very hard restriction around 26 cents.the mark's going to continue to go lower in price the market in leo is actually tracking this line so far i'm actually inclined to try to change our lines and get rid of that line and try to see the market in leo trade in this range.
Which one do you think we need to hold which direction do you think the market is trying to trade in leo.the market is trying to do this which way is the trap trying to take the market we've already eliminated the weakness like i'm not really expecting the price.

You got to also mix that into the prospect of seeing lower price moving in leo the volume is kind of decent it's a little bit heavier than what we've seen the last days the market was still able to overcome a lot of the weakness that try to come through my only issue.

i'm seeing on this particular price chart is this line give or take is a major problem.the market can go back down from price we have to be prepared for these type of events to occur we won't be caught off guard.

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