Wleo Has A Few Bullish Pattern Forming!|| Wleo Back At Our Support Area


The market in wleo not at all we already expected the market to give us some strength but we wasn't extremely strong in the market at time.
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We didn't expand our ultimate price which was around 20 cents because we knew that weakness was going to come through into the marking of wleo that's the reason why we didn't have our prediction .

You know for instance up around 25 cents. ridiculous wleo going to weak your money and not the case we just said is going to be our ultimate area you can tell maybe two or three days into our prediction was when wleo came and took out our area that gave us 5 percent profitability.
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You deployed your soldiers into the battle they came back with 20 percent this is how you're able to win into the market without overextending yourself now the ultimate area restriction actually came in around 20 cents.

He was able to time that restriction area around 25 cents in wleo because many people don't have that ability to time where restriction is going to be and when it's going to get there who was able to see that move and capitalize on that 10 percent now that time is over.

The market has done in wleo so far what are we getting in this space clearly we're in a downtrend that's the first thing what you're actually already seeing wleo is in a downtrend we've already seen the value of wleo decrease by 50 % obviously.

It's a buying opportunity they need to come in and buy the market is that correct you can also see that we've had an area of support already established into the market in wleo we going to come back down to around 29 cents the marketing wleo now again one thing that is negative.

I'm already seeing on this price chart is this that shows us that the probability of weakness continuing is still on the chart
You see that the market in wleo needed to keep his price above 30 cents it needed to do you can see we're not doing it that also continues to show us that the weakness into the market in wleo is still there.

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