Wleo Is So Close To A Major Move ! Market Going To Downway Mode

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We expected a market in wleo to go to the downside to go lower in price the trap two days into our prediction has came and hit our ultimate tp price there on march the 4th 10.4 percent profitability that was completed that was done we anticipated and that is over.
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We need to get rid of it and see where the market is going to go next i told you all that the marketing wleo really needed to hold price above a 0.73 and the trap he didn't even want to keep the price. he tried to maintain it you see it from march the 4td to march the 5td he wanted to keep the price but then he fell the next day on march the 6th yesterday .
He broke that support area what does that mean for the marketing wleo well it simply means that the market is not that strong now what we're seeing today into the marketing wleo .the market is trying to keep that trend in play we watch this market trade throughout the weekend it's going to be real important for the market to trade above that line.

We got drawn that ascending line the market has to keep above that in order for this marketing wleo to maintain this massive movement hiring price that started all the way back .You gotta think about it wleo has seen price movement higher almost every day 28 days the market in wleo has either moved to the sideways and then resumed back up to higher price it was towards the end of february

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