Account Sustainability: Powering Up

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Disclaimer: This post is not financial advice. The strategy outlined is my intention at the time of writing this. It may and likely will change over time.

In this context sustainability refers to not needing to spend out of pocket funds.

When I started this account sustainability was always my goal. I did have to put in quite a bit or real-world funds to get it going, but now it's time to allow the account to grow on it's own- with a little help from my primary account.

Here is how I plan to do that.:

Author and Curation rewards. This is pretty self explanatory. This includes using Ecency points to boost payouts.. For now I am powering up 100% of my rewards, but there will come a time where I keep some of those rewards and essentially pay myself back .

Auto Generated rewards. This refers to things like miners, curation trails, profit-sharing tokens and anything else that generates rewards on auto pilot.

Speaking of profit sharing tokens, I have decided to change my Hustler Power goal and get more Hustler. This provides two benefits

  1. Increase upvotes/ payouts
  2. Staking Hustler "mines" COM which is a profit sharing token. This will generate WEED, CTP and LIST rewards on auto pilot. This is a win-win .

Gaming / App profits. I play games on my main account. I will send some of my profits to assist this account as need be/ whenever I feel like it. This includes the VFT I get from VFT lab. I will swap out the VFT here for other tokens as I see fit. I plan to do this regularly for now.

For the most part from here on, I will be growing this account organically. For a small account it's off to a good start I think.

Side note: I do have assets staked currently under my main account at VFT lab. Eventually I will withdraw the tokens and use the LEO and VIBES to power up this account.

As always, thanks for reading.



This sounds like a good plan.
Just one thing about the curation, you should check what tokens you have curated and which one you have not in a day. You can check your curation power on
This will help you decided which token you should focus on next as that toke's curation power has not been used fully.
Hope this helps

Thanks. I will check that out 🦄

I think that is a solid plan. You can build a strong base and take back the profits for yourself in the future. I see no problem doing so since it is your own funds.

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Thanks for your feedback. I appreciate it.