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RE: LeoFinance Met With an AI Marketing Agency | Let's Discuss Why We Should Hire Them or Not

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Let me start be stating the obvious: We're already miles ahead because you're actively examining and considering marketing, the lack of which has been one of the major downfalls of Steem, Hive, etc. So... YAY for that!

Marketing is a long term commitment. But it can have psychological value as well as tangible value in that marketed projects tend to send a message that they are serious about what they are doing, and not just dabbling.

SEO is a great tool but should be placed into the greater perspective that many web users are "browsers" rather than "searchers." On top of which, most people actually don't know exactly what they are looking for, except in very general terms.

Lastly, if your project has a CLEAR VISION, it's really important to keep firmly in mind that marketing (and SEO) needs to serve the project and not end up in an inverse position where the project serves the marketing and ends up being a "caricature" of what it set out to become.

So, the cost is $18K. And I see a bunch of tools and potential promises. What is the quantitative objective of this investment in LeoFinance's future?

Looking forward to more!


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many web users are "browsers" rather than "searchers."

So I'm left wondering if creating content that appeals to the clicker who spends an average of a few seconds to a few minutes viewing before hitting the back button - ignoring the rest of the site - is worth more than attracting the page flipping online magazine style consumer who spends an average of 7.5 hours browsing media online.

I can see how it's beneficial to attract outside eyes, and I realize there's a traditional approach to all this. I can't remember ever signing up for a site that offered me the quick fix of info I was looking for. More often than not, I'm annoyed with those boxes that pop up asking me to sign up.

Attracting eyes is a good thing but a new approach in keeping eyes might be necessary. Of course, part of that new approach has existed and been overlooked for over four years, and I'm certain people are sick of hearing me point out how attracting consumers and eventual paying consumers is absolutely necessary but the fact remains, this business model does reward consumers, and those consumers typically spend a lot of money without ever getting anything in return. 7.5 hours daily on average consuming under subscriptions, tipping, donating, yadda, yadda, yadda, getting nothing in return, throwing their money away, and they enjoy doing it.

So if they're planning to attract the clicker, a quick and easy guest account would be a necessity. That guest can comment, people with stake can upvote those comments, but that guest can't receive those rewards until they've signed up. Once that happens, they can be taught about the benefits of spending a few bucks and converting themselves into the browser who then enters a world of an endless stream of shit posts that they can't seem to put down for some stupid reason, much like how Youtube works.

I'm sorry. I got bored of writing and that's why this comment turned into that. I'll just go away now.

You hit a lot of really valid points here.

Attracting eyes is great, as is SEO... but you're exactly right in that the ocean of pablum and mindless pseudocontent we see everywhere is the result of the primary objective being to generate ad exposure and doesn't have squat to do with community building for the long run. If you're into pattern recognition at all, you might have noticed how you can be watching an authentically interesting YT video (for example), but if you follow a path of clicking on the most promising "suggested" in the sidebar, you will invariably be pulled towards more and more average and bland content because even though the algorithm is somewhat "smart," it nonetheless pulls the "most likely" (most popular) keywords from a stack and suggests those. So even though you may have started at X-ray Spex, after 20-25 clicks, your "suggestions" end up being Green Day and Linkin Park.

What does that have to DO with anything? One, discernment in attracting those eyeballs is essential, and two, retention is way more important than just bulk attraction.

Yes, consumers are essential. There's little point in creating if there's nobody to consume those creations. Similarly, there's little point in rolling out an endless stream of dApps if nobody actually uses them. It's about as meaningless as building the world's greatest shopping mall with the world's best shops... in the middle of the Sahara.

a quick and easy guest account would be a necessity. That guest can comment, people with stake can upvote those comments, but that guest can't receive those rewards until they've signed up.

From a raw marketing perspective, you're onto something there. Hells, yeah, guest account. You can even pick your ID. And you can see your rewards, as Guest-EdBob maybe for up to a month before they start dropping off. But you have to make a real account in order to become just EdBob and collect your rewards. Why not? Basic psychology: People hate losing out on free stuff they feel like they earned.

converting themselves into the browser who then enters a world of an endless stream of shit posts that they can't seem to put down for some stupid reason, much like how Youtube works.

Sad, but true. Because it works. Because entire floors of design devs known as "retention specialists" sit in office cube densepacks doing nothing other than planning what path of clickery will lure you to pursue a series of dopamine rewards that will leave you red-eyed and open-mouthed after watching eleven hours of videos on how to cheat at Scrabble.

I think we're still a really long way from being able to elevate the level of human consciousness with this gig.


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I've always viewed this platform as something more like Youtube, and not social media. Social media is what consumers use to distribute content and awareness free of charge/at no cost to the creator or platform the content lives on. The people do all the heavy lifting.

I've made more money and gathered more attention with my product here on this platform than several thousand people who authored books then attempted to sell them in a marketplace like Amazon. The special sauce is placing the work directly in front of people, in a social setting, like we have here, which is similar to Youtube. You don't want the market to come to you, you want to be right in there with all the people scurrying about. That's why these massive distribution style platforms do so well compared to these random sites hosting fluff articles surrounded by awkward celebrity gossip clickbait ads.

Hmmm.... I think I wrote about this once.

These are some helpful observations. My biggest concern with writers shooting for Search Engine Rankings is the content often feels unnatural. This comes from personal observations when I look at my own past content.

My fishing blog goes from a forced SEO writing style to a much more fluid style when browsing my posts in chronological order. The part I find helpful for Leos is the suggestions on trending subjects.

It would be helpful to have a few more WordPress like editor's tools. Introducing an SEO Plugin (or other SEO system) could have an adverse effect on post quality.

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Part of my concern with an SEO focus is that content quality and "flow" tends to suffer. Which is natural enough, since SEO has largely been a tool to drive traffic and Ad impressions not necessarily a tool to stimulate quality content. So the "secret sauce" becomes how to make the most SEO-friendly authentic content. I do hate that stilted writing style where it's clear someone said "You MUST use these 12 words four times each in the first paragraph!"


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You got it. Neil Patel perfected the art of engaging content creation that rules SEO. It's all about that clear and concise, yet engaging content. On top of that, the post that provides the most amount of useful, relevant info usually ranks the highest.

Another helpful tool besides trending topics might be a keyword finder. It's just as important to know your competiton and shoot for those low hanging fruit subjects/keywords as it is to try to rank for the near impossible.

One last observation about Google and changes the past couple years. It used to be that organic content was dwarfed on top of the fold by ads. Now it's the same, but Google presents blocks of videos above the fold when that type of media is available.

Written organic content is pushed way down to the bottom or below the fold at best these days. Video and ads directed to mobile users is the new Google fad. IMPO.

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Without doubt, the entire nature of content is changing, as a result of mobile devices. Smartphone users would rather watch video than read text.

Personally, I feel ambivalent about it, BUT my level on engagement declines when I'm on my phone because I hate typing on that tiny screen. Sure, we have speech-to-text, but perfection of that technology remains a few years out.

Google has a huge amount of power and influence... I remember way-back-when working with Spam Czar Matt Cutts over there on ways to avoid having some of my online communities relegated to the garbage can in searches. That said, Google did manage to put a substantial dent in Black Hat SEO.


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Good stuff. For sure. Ditching the paid backlink ranking brought a great improvement to the quality of content matching the search results.

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