RE: Input needed: What do you think about a token 'linked' to my future trading profits & backed by HBD?

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I don't want to be a debbie-downer, and before I bring up my point, I want to clarify that I'm certainly no expert, but, my only concern for you would be would this pass the Howie Test? If people are buying your tokens with the expectation of profits, does it now become a security?

I'm with the rest of the group, I'd throw some HBD your way. I would just make sure you do a little more investigation before "selling" your tokens.

As I said, I'm no expert and I'm sure there are others here who know much more about this than I do so....hopefully someone who DOES know can pipe in with an actual knowledge-based opinion.

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Oh! Don't worry I love Debbie-Downer (just google'd the term hehe :D )

As you said, yes. If people are buying the token expecting future profits they're buying a security. There's no other possible interpretation I guess.

I have been reading about the matter and it's a much more complicated thing it seems.

I'm living in Spain, and for sure won't be doing a lot of paperwork & expenses just to get me started. If that were the case, I would be killing the project before it had even started (minimum costs would surpass by far the initial profits).

My current (simplistic) thinking is:

  • Launch the token and MVP; start collecting HBD.
  • Start generating profits and increase the value of the fund.
  • We grow and it becomes unmanageable for me? Let's start a DAO.
  • Legal barriers make it impossible? I'm shutting down and returning to everyone the money.

Don't know if that somewhat answers your (very valid!) concerns.

Official answer from mine in the matter is:

I don't know.

(Ps. but doing my research)

Thanks for the feedback, it's very appreciated.

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