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Over the next couple years, word will spread as the number of games utilizing this concept expand.

The play-to-earn model is destined to become very big.

Completely agree with this. There are literally millions of gamers out there spending millions of hours AND millions of dollars playing these games. As new games are developed that not only are engaging and fun to play, but also allow people to gain financially, there will be an explosion of users coming into the crypto world. The trick will be recognizing them early enough to get involved.

I almost look at it like buying some of the tech stocks early in the 80's and 90's. No one really knew which ones were going to be the winners. But, if you found one you liked and bought into it (and then held it--which is the real key), and it happened to be Microsoft or Amazon or Google, then you literally became a millionaire pretty much by accident. There were millions of people who bought the ones that didn't make it and some were fortunate to buy the ones that did.

The same will hold true with this genre (for lack of a better word). People could get involved casually with the right game and end up making a fortune. Others will play the living hell out of another game and it will never grow beyond a small community of zealots.

I'll be following along as I do like to play games occasionally but it will probably be luck of the draw as to whether I ever make any money from it. That said, I have been acquiring some Splinterlands just in case.... :-)

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