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RE: Santander Showing What Is Happening On Multiple Levels

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You wonder how many of these employees see the writing on the wall. You would think being in the industry they would get a hint of what's happening. A little digging and they could uncover the reasons and at that point maybe realize that while bitcoin and crypto are partially to blame, they are also a legitimate way out. These are powerful forces at work here. Almost like the power of the tide. This isn't some subtle shift. This is a giant wave with undeniable pressure that is going to overwhelm this industry. I wonder if the focus will shift to smaller local banks or if the "tide" will take them all out to sea. Interesting times to say the least....

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I would say they have no clue. I worked in an industry that was digitized 20 years ago and was moving in the same direction. There was a manager I had who debated with me that it was even a mature industry.

So no I dont think most people have any idea of what is taking place.

It is like when people are asked why they lost their jobs. Few every say they were replaced by technology. Instead it is corporate cutbacks, downsizing, company sold, whatever. The reality is in many instances those circumstances only took place because of the advancement of technology.

Do you think all those who worked at Blockbuster and lost their jobs will say it was due to technology?

Not likely.

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Yeah, I'm sure you're right. Can't see the forest for the trees and all that. It just seems crazy that they don't see it coming. Although, I'm sure most don't WANT to see it coming. Too scary.

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