Another ATH For Bitcoin! | Let’s check the activity on the blockchain? | April 2021

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Bitcoin hit 64k at the moment of writing this, April 14, 2021, setting a new ATH. Bitcoin was going sideway in the 50k to 60k range for all of March, and a part of February.

Let’s take a look how is this effecting the network. Is there increase in the numbers of transactions, new wallets, and the overall activity.


We will be looking at:

  • Total number of wallets
  • Active wallets
  • Hash rate
  • Number of transactions
  • Fees

The data presented here is mostly gathered from the blockchains charts.

Number of Wallets

Here is the chart for the total number of Bitcoin wallets created.


Bitcoin has around 71M wallets now. It just crossed the 70M mark adding almost 8M wallets in the first three months of 2021.

Here is the table for the numbers of new wallets created per year in the last five years.

YearNew Wallets

From 12M in 2019 to almost 19M in 2020, or a 58% increase.
In the first months in 2021 we have 8M new wallets. Will be interesting to see how 2021 ends in terms of wallets, but most likely will be more than 30M new wallets in the year.

Here is the chart for the more recent data on new Bitcoin wallets created per day.


This one is a bit interesting. Up until November the numbers of wallets created per day was in the range of 20k to 40k. In November 2020 these numbers increased significantly reaching more than 200k wallets created per day on a few occasions. After this there is a drop in the daily wallets created and the number are around 80k per day. Still more than the 20k to 40k from before.

The price goes up, but the numbers of new wallets is not up a lot. This is now the case for the last six months. Is it just the institutions buying? Is retail still on the sidelines, or people just use custodian wallets? Cant really tell, but the number of new BTC wallets is not following the price action for now.

Active wallets

Obviously, a lot of wallets are created. But how many of the are being used?
Here is the chart.


The record high numbers for active Bitcoin wallets per day was reached in December 2017 with almost 1M active Bitcoin wallets. A sharp drop in 2018 to the 400k daily active wallets, and a steady growth since then.

In the last period the number of active Bitcoin wallets has reached almost 900k per day. Getting close to 1M but still not an ATH in active wallets.

ATH in price, but not ATH in number of active wallets is another indicator that the price is driven by large accounts.

Hash Rate

The ultimate Bitcoin value is the network stability and security. The network security in a proof of work chains is measured in hash rate, or how difficult is to mine. The bigger the completion, the higher the hash rate.


We can notice that the hash rate has started to grow more significantly in 2017 and its has been going up ever since with some small bumps on the road.

Unlike the price chart, the hash rate chart has been going up and up, reaching new records every year. This shows that no matter the price miners are confident in the long-term outcome for Bitcoin and have been mined and scaling there operations even trough the bear market.

The ATH in hash rate was reached on April 6th, with 180M TH/s.


The activity on the network is mostly represented by the number of daily transactions.


The numbers of transactions per day in the last months on average is just above 300k. Here as well we can see no significant increase in the numbers of transactions in the last period. They have been steady just above 300k. The ATH for the number of daily transactions is more than 400k and it has not been broken yet.


A bit unpopular topic the fees.


The fees have been going up (in terms of $) and it the last period they are in the range 15$ to 25$ per transaction. Still cheaper compared to ETH 😊. In most of 2020 the fees were in a range of a few dollars.

Overall a moderate increase in the numbers of new wallets and active wallets. The number of active wallets still haven surpassed the 2017 ATH and the same goes for the transactions as well. The hash rate is growing all the time and it has hit new ATH in the last days. The fees are increasing as well.

Its interesting to watch this data for Bitcoin. Ever since the start of the bull run, the only time we have seen some significant increase in the activity in terms of new wallets and transactions was back in November 2020. Since then, the numbers are steady.

All the best

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Can I just say these charts are freakin BEAUTIFUL! I'm curious how you make them but you might not reveal those secrets hhmmmm

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Haha .... thanks ... the final touch is excel .... not so fancy :)

More and evenly spread to the masses is fair enough, but DAMN that TOTAL HASHRATE!

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Great stats! Thanks for sharing!


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Hell this has not stopped growing God I do not know how far we will go, I think the moon.

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Moon it is :)

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Looks like BTC will break this record soon as well. Institutional investment is a big difference this time in the bull run. Big boys cannot hide themselves saying negative things about bitcoin so that general people sell and then they buy at low price.

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From the overall activity it looks like its a big boys game now

Haha, those new wallet creations between 2017 and 2018 are pretty funny. An actual drop. I wonder how many of those 10m were created in the first half of the year? I would guess like 1/3 of them in the first month at least!

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Yea first half of 2018 was like 80% of the wallets

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From the data, I can conclude that bitcoin supply is getting smaller in the market. it will effect the price surge. I only have 0.00099 what do you think, How much it will be in the next year?

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Hadn't used BTC for anything for quite some time and recently, I wanted to send it somewhere and saw the fees. I ended up leaving my BTC where it is.

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thanks for sharing these metrics

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wow interesting post thanks for sharing these charts/metrics

hello I'm newbie here someone teach me hot to post or blog here please this is also my first time in cryptocurrency I don't know what to do for now I want to know about cryptocurrency thank you so much I appreciated all your help 😘

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Read how this all have started with Toruk

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Thanks alfa!

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Welcome to the new era where crypto
is demanding its fair share of the market.
This is the beginning to the end of what you
know of currency.

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