Top Hive Earners By Category | Authors, Curators, Witnesses, DAO | March 2021

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This is a report for the top Hive earners by category for March 2021.


Here we will be looking at the overall inflation distribution for HIVE, looking at the following

  • Authors rewards
  • Curators rewards
  • Witnesses rewards
  • DHF/DAO rewards
  • Cumulative rewards

Overall HIVE rewarded by date in March 2021

First let’s see the total amount of HIVE rewarded by date in the month.
Here is a chart.


For comparison, all rewards have been converted to HIVE. Since the price of HBD is above one the conversions are not at the market prices and the numbers are a bit of.

The DHF rewards are a bit specific and not constant. When a proposal is approved it starts receiving funds, because of what this category can vary in payouts.

In March, a new specific proposal was approved, the @hbdstabilizer, that aims to stabilize the price of HBD. If it increases above 1$, it will sell HBD, buy HIVE, creating buy pressure for HIVE.

If we exclude the DAO payments, on average around 63k HIVE was rewarded per day in March 2021.

Next let’s take a look at the top earners for each category.

Top Authors

Here is the chart for the top 20 Hive authors that earned the most.


Note: These are not totally accurate numbers because there is a conversion on HBD to HIVE and VESTS to HIVE, for simplification.

Author rewards are one of the most know in the blockchain as a lot of users are attract for them.
@taskmaster4450 is on the top with just above 4k HIVE equivalent earned, followed by @tarazkp and @edicted.

Top Curators

Here is the chart for the top 20 Hive curators that earned the most in the month.


The note from the authors reward applies here as well. The numbers are aporximate.

The @ocdb account comes on the top here, claiming the first spot from @appreciator in the past. @blocktrades on the third place by curation rewards.

The account above are the biggest curators on the Hive blockchain. Hope they will do a great job in curating and making this place grow.

Top Witnesses

The top witnesses’ earnings charts look like this.


I have included more than 20 accounts in this chart to show the drop in earnings after the 20th spot. The top 20 are earning around the same amount of HIVE (HP), around 10k per month.

There seems to be a healthy competition among witness now, around the 20th spot.

The DAO Payouts

Accounts that received funding from the DAO in the period.


DHF workers are paid in HBD, but an approximate conversion is made here in HIVE as well for simplicity and later comparison. The numbers are not exact but approximate.

The special @hbdstabilizer is on the top here, although technically these are not earnings but just payouts who are later returned in the DAO. Using blockchain conversion rate for HBD to HIVE, the @hbdstabilizer in March 2021 has payouts of 600k HIVE or 236k HBD.

The @fullalt.dhf is on the second place, followed by @lordbutterfly on the third place for the marketing proposal.

A note on the DHF/DAO payouts, a lot of them seems to be on pause/unfunded in the last day or two, because of the premium on HBD and most of the DHF funds are now switched to the @hbdstabilizer account.

Top Earners Cumulative

From the data above we can compile the payout for a single ranking on overall top earners on the Hive blockchain in March 2021.

Here it the chart.


Note: These are not totally accurate numbers because there is a conversion on HBD to HIVE implemented, and VESTS to HIVE, for simplification.

I have separated the different earnings for the top accounts accordingly.

The @hbdstabilizer comes on top here as well, although technically these are not earnings. Meaning the @fullalt.dhf comes on the first place in earning in March 2021. @lordbutterfly is next with the funds for the marketing proposal.

@oscb and @appreciator next as a curation accounts.

The author rewards are colored in black, and we can see that in the top earners there is not much from the author rewards. The top authors were around 4k to 5k per month, and the last on the list above, is just above 10k with earnings.

The DHF rewards and the curation category are dominating in the top 20 HIVE earners list.

All the best

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Wow! Never thought that I would make it into the top authors list.
Thank you for this :D

congratulations @papilloncharity. You deserve it and wishing you more wins ahead.

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Thank you kindly.

Nice...ocd did better ...

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Let's continue to spread the wealth
of Hive.
Truly we can see where engagement and
non-stop focus on others can bring us together

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Let's keep working good; great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance.

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A few accounts really influence this with their votes. Seem rancho is not going away, but I upset his master years ago, so no votes for me :) We need more manual voting to spread the rewards as plenty of good stuff doesn't make much. Just my 2c :)

I agree as one of the top authors there it's cool but I'd much rather see the inflation spread to more wallets, keeping and actracting users! I'd happily earn less hive if it means we grow the platform

Good for you. We have to think longer term if we want Hive to achieve its potential.


Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

A few accounts really influence this with their votes.

Need to get more stakeholders active in DHF voting.

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Some really good projects in there getting kind of smashed at the moment.

One of the ones I recently ran into was High Watchers and while they do a good job at verification there's no way to show the account is verified with some type of badge. I'd love to see this as an addition to the platform at some point as it's going to become important as growth continues and big names start using HIVE.

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Verification is a big deal.
The reputation score, although far from ideal serves that function to some extent, and ofc the stake :)

Blocktrades has a really great idea to build a new reputation system, decentralized etc ... you can look some of his posts a months ago

Will check it out thank you!

Wow I never thought I’d ever be a top author on hive that’s freaking awesome! Makes me want to continue to contribute to the community

You have been grinding hard ...well deserved!

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Congratulations @taskmaster4450, you deserves the top. You're a true definition of an author, curator and an engager to the call.

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nice post with very interesting rankings.

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Congratulations to @taskmaster4450 for being both #1 and #5
He has been making posts one after the other quite fast. Same goes for #2 @tarazkp as well.

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task is amazing!

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Congratulations @taskmaster4450,You're a true definition of an author, curator and an engager to the call.

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I am amazed about @taskmaster4450 how he succeeds to post recurring and keep the quality of his work at such high standards. Not only that but he diversifies the topics, writes and video showcases on them and has strong opinions. I wished I would drink or smoke what he is having :)))

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Congratulations @dalz! You received a personal badge!

You powered-up at least 100 HP on Hive Power Up Day! This entitles you to a level 3 badge
Participate in the next Power Up Day and try to power-up more HIVE to get a bigger Power-Bee.
May the Hive Power be with you!

You can view your badges on your board and compare yourself to others in the Ranking

Check out the last post from @hivebuzz:

Hive Power Up Day - April 1st 2021 - Hive Power Delegation

Putting SA on the map along with @chekohler.

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Oh that’s a nice surprise lol who knew my daily rants would actually be worth something

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