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RE: The Frustrations of On-Boarding

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What meesterboom said and since we're admitting our confusion, why do our posts only pay for seven days?? Someone help me understand the point in that.

I never picked up a flick or a book that was 8 days old like 'nah... that shits old now.'


It's the time period during which curators can find the post and judge it by giving it upvotes or downvotes.

If the period was much longer than seven days, there would be no additional benefit.

Firstly, thanks for this response.

I understand the curation aspect of blogging and appreciate hot content. Curators and consumers alike share/consume content when it's fresh. But if I find content right now that's a week old or a year old, the point is I missed it when it was released and would like to tip it now.

Has there ever been ideas kicked around that would allow voting to exist as long as the blockchain exists?

You actually can tip old content through Peakd. What you can't do is upvote it but tip it you can.

Excuse me, I meant upvote not tip. Thank you though for clarifying. Being able to tip past content is better than nothing.

I think the point of limiting the voting period is to encourage the creation of new content. HIVE inflation is limited. The creators of Steem which Hive is a fork of decided it was better to allocate the inflation to reward users for new content.

I've though about that, too. By being able to upvote past content could discourage content producers from producing fresh content.

With every good is several bad plus when the word spam is mentioned everything makes more sense. I guess I see the good and bad in both allowing past upvotes compared to not allowing. When it's explained like this, however, the voting window makes more sense.

There have been ideas and I totally get what you say but a lot of it comes down to abuse as well as practicalities of the blockchain. On the abuse side you would have loads of accounts just voting on old comments or posts of their fellow farmers accounts. It's hard to catch them sometimes even in the 7 day window.

I am a big fan of tipping though and wish that it would be introduced maybe add or tie this in to the savings account but also tied in with the voting so that you could vote on old posts but the equivalent vote amount if the post was older than 7 days would be deducted from your savings.

Man, now that I think of it, that would be awesome. Saves you having to choose how much etc. Just vote it and don't care apart from keeping your savings topped up!

That's the first time you thought of that? Good one.. what else are you thinking?

Wait! Forget I asked

It's not until spam or abuse is mentioned I'm able to answer my own question, those words are good at fuckin things up.

I know. They fuck up a lot of good things on the chain. Bloody spammy farmer bastards! :OD

Content lasts a day here, and then it's 'old hat'... never mind 8 days!