A Reawakening moment to the Reality of Crypto Investment

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In the just couple of days we've seen the price of btc shoot up between 8 to 10%. Besides, we've just had the most astonishing news regarding the incorporation of Cryptocurrencies in Paypal for easy transaction, accessibility and utility. Of course, it is said that PayPal will be launching its own crypto service soon, thus allowing its users to buy, hold and sell digital currencies on its site and applications. As it stands, this will definitely be one of the greatest revolution in the history of paypal which is definitely becoming the most viable money app in the cryptospace.



PayPal President and CEO Dan Schulman described the eventual shift from fait to digital currencies as "inevitable". In his speech he also said that "the efficiency, speed and resilience of cryptocurrencies give people financial inclusion and access advantages" which is factual. The other app that mimicks the activity of paypal is the Venmo money app which was owned by Brainfeed in 2012 and was later bought by paypal in 2013. It's also good to know that Venmo which is having about 60million of it's users worldwide will as well, launch its cryptocurrency services too to for more comfort.

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Paypal is expected to run the following four cryptos transactions which include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (Eth), Litecoin and Bitcoin cash (BCH) starting from coming 2021. This is one of the most interesting news ever. Many mega cooperations are now putting their cash on bitcoin, giving it an edge against the loss of the value of the dollar. so paypal customers will be able to shop and transact with cryptos with over 26million merchants worldwide via the paypal application.



Already, there are over 346 million users on paypal, while more users are getting onboarded on paypal on daily basis. So one can imagine the magnitude of boost PayPal will definitely give to the value of Bitcoin. So my take on this is to work so hard by investing more on BTC as soon as possible since the value of BTC is a bit affordable for heavy investors. The more value you get for your BTC, Eth, BCH or LTC can help build more gainful and passive income that can also sustain the growth of both your leo and hive account. We need more Leo on this financial ecosystem to boost more financial rewarding capacity in this ecosystem. It's even good that besides BTC, there are other crypto options to invest at this early stage before their price value skyrockets than one can afford.

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