Blurts add Wrapped blurt to uniswap with $5000 Liquidity in Uniswap

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Many Crypto tokens (about 230 cryptos) are powered by the #hive-engine, among which is the #blurt token. The blurt cryptotoken is a coin which runs its blog forked out of the #hiveblockchain this mid year by june, 2020. Its user interphase is similar to that of #hiveblog and runs a similar styles of financial activities with #hive.
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The Blurt blockchain is a social media that is created to help its users build a living, breathing, and growing social economy. It's a community where users are getting rewarded by curators for sharing their origin content.

Blurt provides a scalable blockchain protocol to publicize accessible and immutable content, along with a fast digital token called "Blurt" which enables people to earn the currency by using their initiative. The two building blocks of this protocol,both blockchain and token, depend on each other for security, immutability and longevity, and are therefore integral to each others’ existence. Hive have been in existence since April 2020 and since June 2020. The #Leo token, #hive and #burt have now exceeded both Bitcoin and Ethereum in number transactions they processed.

The blurt blog operates by the use of tags as when an author writes on a key topic, the appropriate tags that relates to the topics are used for easily visibility. The value of 1blurt is now at $0.02 as it's growing drastically in price tag. Many authors have started utilizing this blog since june and have made huge amount of money ranging from cents to several thousands of dollars on the platform. But the question is, Can Blurt rocket in price value like it is in #Leo?

Some celebrities are buying into the idea of blurt investment not to put a head in one basket. Blurt has now launched it wrapped blurt platform. #WBLURT is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. It enables every BLURT user to transfer their BLURT to the Ethereum blockchain utilizing it applicably.

To swap (wrap) BLURT to WBLURT you are required to send any amount of BLURT (at least 200 BLURT) to @wblurt with your Ethereum address in the memo field. While to unwrap WBLURT to BLURT simply go to, enter your BLURT username and click "Get deposit address". The site will provide you with a unique deposit address to which you send the amount of WBLURT you want to unwrap. Once the ERC20 transfer is complete and detected by the Oracle server, you will receive the BLURT to your account.
Currently there is a 3% fee everytime you wrap BLURT to WBLURT. This covers the Ethereum gas costs and other charges. Unwrapping requires no fee.

Project details:
Contract Address: 0x37472814e5c6146e6ca7ed1753cd1b18b733e5d4
ENS Name: wblurt.eth
Uniswap Pair Statistics:

Official BLURT deposit account: @wblurt

Official Homepage:

Please make sure to always check the contract address. If the address is not the one shown above, then it's likely a scam.

For more enquiries and details on the above information visit

More also, the official Blurt twitter handle have its preannouncement teaser that it's almost time for $Blurt to go to moon on probit exchange. That means there's a possibility of a spike in $blurt value as time goes on.

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The blurt token is NOT powered by Hive-Engine. Blurt is a stand-alone blockchain and produces its own token with each block, every 3 seconds.

BLURT is tradable on Hive-Engine, via a gateway like every exchange which lists a token creates a gateway between that blockchain and the exchange.

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