Maintaining a True DeFi Ecosystem On Hive and Leofinance via Gain on Crypto Exchange

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The sole purpose of any investment is to earn profit. Though it's very good to invest, but not everyone possess the financial strength, discipline, patience and perseverance to maintain their desirable investment frequency in the DeFi platform and this is why it takes few people to become richer and wealthier on the blockchain.



Taking a glance to the back days of decline in the value of BTC from $9000 to $4000 in march 2020, many investors saw investing in btc as a waste of financial resources, time and effort. Many resorted to withdrawing their btc tokens for fait exchange before the price later grew to $5,500. In 2019, the level of confidence developed by many investors went down the drain when there was persistence decline in the price value of btc, some even saw Ethereum as an alternative means of investment and decided to exchange their btc for Eth while some never reasoned to that aspect.


The level of growth in Ethereum financial value graduated from $88.28 in march 2020 to $440.71 today 6th November, 2020, and this growth was propelled in march as a result of multiple daily financial transactions between Ethereum wallets running via smart contracts launched on the Ethereum blockchain which include the forsage, Lionshare, supersage, Autoetherbot, million money and so on, making Eth more easily assessible by many investors and business partners, and hence, flow in circulation.


Bitcoin as been predicted years back to hit the $15,000 dollar mark which has come to a realization coupled with the number of transactions that's running on its blockchain. Ethereum had taken the number two role in space and it's likely to soar above its $440 price mark to $500 benchmark before 2021.

To this effect, it'll be more reasonable to invest more on Ethereum which has much conjuction with the wrapped Leo tokens. I wish to congratulate both private and public investors in the crypto space for this new landmark BTC and Eth had made in the cyptospace. I hope this is one of best moment for btc exchange utilizing the monetary gain for more investment on both the #Hive and #Leofinance platform.

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