Rising Star - Do Not Over Pay for Cards

I have now been playing Rising Star for a week. I am trying to always start a mission first thing each morning. Since your Drunk (Temporary) Fans wake up after 12 hours, I was always losing my fans prior morning impacting which missions I could start.

Starbit Earnings

I am slowly earning Starbits but it is a slow process completing the beginning level missions. Since I have started eight days ago, I have earned 3,669 Starbits. At this rate it would take me another 10 days before I had enough to purchase a card pack that costs 10,000 Starbits.

Starbits Earned.PNG

Purchasing Cards

Since I am new, I have not earned enough Starbits for a Card Pack. However I noticed there are cards on the market that will add fans, skills and luck that are needed when I get to the higher levels.

I earn only low amounts because I can not start an of the higher missions. Due to this, I decided to purchase some cards so that I can start a higher mission.

40 Rosanne 10 fans 5 fans.PNG

44 Daphne 10 fans and 2 skills and 1 luck.PNG

i30 Cheap Mic V2 1 Luck.PNG

Do Not Over Pay

When I purchased the i30 Cheap Mic V2, it was offered for both Starbits and Swap.Hive Since I only earn Starbits from Rising Star Missions, I had only been looking at the lowest Starbits price. Then I started thinking that maybe I should calculate the rate of Starbits to Swap.Hive. Based on this, it is cheaper to purchase this card using Swap.Hive than Starbits. I converted 1157 Starbits for 0.0399 Swap.Hive and made the purchase saving around 350 Starbits in the process.

i30 Cheap Mic V2.PNG

Progress So Far

After eight days, I am at level 11, completed 108 Missions. I have 44 Fans (30 Permanent, 14 Temporary), 2 Luck, 35 Skills (8 Cards, 27 Lessons) and 1 Income Modifier.

Level 11.PNG


Stats as of 10-21-21.PNG

With 30 Permanent Fans, I can start each morning on the Open Mic Night Mission or Basic Singing Lesson. At level 15, the Ego meter will appear at which time skills start playing a role. I will need as many Skills as Fans otherwise my Ego will begin to grow. I should be at level 15 within the week.

Open Mic Night Mission.PNG

Singing Lessons.PNG

Next Steps

I will continue to look for lower priced cards on the market to add fans so I can start each morning at a higher mission level. I also need to consider purchasing a Pizza Box, Coffee Cup and a guitar.

What else should I consider as my next steps?

Rising Star is a completely FREE game to play on the Hive Platform. If you have not started playing you may want to consider starting. Earn Starbits without any out of pocket costs. In case you do want to start, here is my referral id

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I would also consider adding cold pizza slices to your collection. Each one gives you a free full energy bar every 24 hours and you can have multiples of them.

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