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RE: Hive Is Changing Lives

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I was able to talk a few times with that user and if he invests in the platform I think he was doing it for his daughter as I understood, very different from the majority of Latinos who withdraw profits daily.
ps: I have nothing against them, many people may need that money, I don't know

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That is a great weakness that most Latin Americans have, that the money we receive we spend, even if we earn more than we have been used to having what we do is spend, it is like some of the bad habits the more we earn the more we spend. Lack of conscience of saving, of investing, that in order to enjoy good wealth in the future we must invest.

But sometimes we even get into things that are necessary, mostly because of consumerism. That we want to eat well today without thinking about tomorrow.

Sometimes, as I said, what comes here they do not see the importance of Hivepower, because the only thing they have been able to see is to become a whale, that the cures are paid.

But seeing that they have accumulated a lot of money that perhaps they have never had in their hands, they prefer to have it in their pockets or at home, eating better or buying equipment.

  • Lack of motivation.
  • Lack of information.
  • Failure to change bad habits in the administration of our money.
  • Ensure a future and not just live in the present.

There are many reasons that you should see why people do not accumulate their power, before arriving at Leofinance I had no interest in accumulating my power, I only published and already, I withdrawn my earnings. But now my thoughts are different I know it was also thanks to @taskmaster4450 for his great advice ...

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You seem to be doing well.

I am really happy at the progress you are making. Nothing will make me happier then when the prices of those tokens you are working at staking take off and you find yourself in a completely different financial arena as compared to what you are accustomed to.

And passing your experience on is of great value even if many do not take the suggestions.

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There are a lot of people who need the money, there is no doubt. The same holds true for those in Nigeria as well as many in the US and EU.

However, those that are able to keep some in and grow their influence, stand a chance to come out a lot further ahead. The example here is not one who is wealthy or even affluent in her country but someone struggling.

Each have to make their own decision but the pathway forward no matter which fork one takes.

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