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Your post got me thinking, and I made this buzz:

We also have a recovery system that is not present most other places. So while it is not the "forgot password" so many are accustomed to, it does give people a way to get their accounts back if hacked.

We could easily have a forgot password solution, we just haven't really tried.

Proposal: Forgot Keys Account Recovery
Default: No account recovery
Optional: List of recovery accounts + Minimum Number Setting

Reset keys for inactive account with minimum number of approvals from recovery accounts.

This would give people flexibility in terms of how much they are trusting others vs. the fallback of recovering an account.

If you set for example 7 out of 10, 7 out of 10 could collude to steal your account. You'll want to have a good relationship with them and choose trustworthy people. But it does create the possibility of recovering accounts even with no keys at all.