Give Your child a Business, not a job

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After the colonization of Africa countries by the Britain, education became an important factor, much more esteem than any sector. The society believes for someone to become relevant, he/she must go through school, else they have nothing to offer. So you see parents investing more in the education of their children, giving less attention to creating businesses, or a source of wealth for them, they expect them to gradual with good grades, then get a job and the cycle keeps on.

The world is evolving, the educational system is failing and the people contributing much to the country's GDP are the entrepreneurs. Being innovative sells more than school certificates now, business worth more than college degree, but just few are on the knowing. Workers nowadays end up enriching the one with the initiative, sometimes the money realise doesn't serve a useful purpose as one keeps acquiring debts, and leaving on the survival lane.


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The best gift to your children is leaving behind for them an inheritance capable of handling their financial problem, it could be knowledge about finance, a business or money, though educational qualification is good but does not guarantee financial freedom. Teaching your children about finance early in life helps breaks the rat-race where every child is expected to go to school, graduate with a good grade, get a job, live in debt, have nothing to leave for their children, expect and struggle to be paid their gratuity .

Give your child a Business, or a financial education, and you wouldn't live to regret you did. Education system is crumbling that it has just little to give compare to building for yourself a financial IQ.

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