Moment Of Truth: If I was given an airdrops worth $50,000

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It's one thing to have a one-time opportunity, and another to utilize it effectively. I have purposed to tackle this question to the best of the truth. I have once participated in a contest of this like, but I was in duress to lie, hoping it will make me focus or be appreciated. The lies did neither of the two. That was an intro to say "Lies does not pay".

Contest requirements
@starstrings01 expect that participants answer the below questions.

  1. What would you do with an airdrop of $50,000?
  2. If you are given a Hive power of 100,000 Hive, how exactly do you plan on using it?

What I would do with an airdrop of $50,000

I will start by saying, that's a huge amount for a young mind like mine. The few times I had owner-equity of a million in naira, I had trouble thinking about ways to multiply it, not to lavish it on liabilities, I resolved into buying a plot of Land. I believe that was a good investment after all. But if I was given airdrops of $50,000, First, I will exchange $40,000 into Fiat, then channel the money into the enterprises I had longed to establish.
1.Invest part of the money in my farm
I grew up farming, and I have been into it since I was a child. As my father advanced in age, his strength started to weaken and we settled into subsistence farming, just for the consumption of the family. In the past, we had always cultivated plots of land for both commercial and subsistence purposes. Owning a huge amount will allow me to resume farming for commercial purposes and probably cultivate various crops.

2.Build a School
Building a school has been my longtime dream, and I know I can't start such a venture with a small sum of money. I will need to furnish the school with books for the library, tools for play, resources for quality knowledge delivery, and some set amount to run other miscellaneous. For a start, I will build a school for Nursery and primary, then advance to secondary school as I notice growth.

3.Buy a car for transport purpose
One of the best business ideas in Nigeria is owning a car used for transport purposes. A return in one week could be as much as $100 and probably $400 in a month. This could increase with time as streams of income expand.

The remain of $10,000 from the airdrops, someone must have asked what I will do with it. I will keep them for the future and expect a good return for holding them, it's unwise to sell all tokens.


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What I will do with 100,000 hive power
I know I can't be everywhere curating users' posts, but there are curators on hive who are particular in finding worthwhile posts and curating them. The first thing I will do is follow such curation trails and join with 50% worth of my vote. This will be my little way of supporting the growth of the community.

Secondly, At that level, I believe my earnings will be higher, I can gift a 100 hive without feeling troubled. I know it's difficult to gift anyone that amount in my current state but it will be easier then. I will organize a weekly contest gifting at least 20-30 hive to certain users or throwing a 100 hive fun and entertaining contest with few requirements.

Finally, if I had invested my Fiats from my sold airdrops, it means money wouldn't be an issue for me. In that influence, I will support users who engage in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc evangelism about hive. I may create a group on discord for that purpose, OCD community is already doing something of its kind, I may just be an affiliate of that program/initiative.

I nominate @iyimiga @zanoz @burlarj @agmoore for this contest. Here is the link. Bloggingchallenge contest


Heheh, your first paragraph made me smile and I quite agree - Lies does not pay. When we write from the heart and truly express ourselves, our readers can tell.

Your plans to invest the $50k airdrop in setting up these businesses are wise. I can add that you will definitely need extra hands to help with managing them. Also, success is assured when we embark on our plans one at a time.

I see a lot of quality posts on Hive that do not get the deserved attention. So your plan to join curating trails and help out is a smart one. Good luck in the contest 🙂

Thank you, and your words are encouraging. Truly lies doesn't pay, say the truth and be free

While reading your post, l was smiling all through. Not that you wrote comedy. It's just because of how pratical your point is.

The most critical part is the aspect of going back to agriculture. The truth is that this is a lot easier than you thought and you don't necessarily need to be the one with hoe and Cutlass. Get able hands, pay them their worth and watch as your farm turn to a huge source of revenue.

Another important thing here is your desire to encourage those that have been promoting this platform in places like Twitter and Facebook. Trust me, it's not an easy thing but people do it so, every post like that deserves some encouragement.

Well Done Bro.

Thanks for participating in this contest

Thank You, actually, I don't plan on handling the hoe myself, I will hire labourers to do that, and I understand nothing is easy, at some point I may be discouraged, but I will have more reasons to hold on than to quit

When my husband buys a lottery ticket I go through this exercise. It feels so real, because I have a great imagination. My ambitions resemble yours in a way, although the first thing I think of is family. And then I think of all the things I could do with a windfall. A school is one of them. And I would love to own a farm.

I hope you win this contest. You are a great blogger and an asset to the Hive community.

Your kind comment made me blush. Thank You, I'm glad to know someone share same dream as mine. You're also an asset to the hive community and I'm sincere about this. I hope to see you join, wishing You success in advance

I know it's difficult to gift anyone that amount in my current state but it will be easier then. I will organize a weekly contest gifting at least 20-30 hive to certain users or throwing a 100 hive fun and entertaining contest with few requirements

I assure you that i would always participate in those contest haha

Lolz, and you will earn much in return

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You are quite frank with your reply. Land is a good investment as well as building school. Those are investments that last long. Quite thoughtful of you.

Thank You, I'm glad you have my back on this..

Yes, I wish you best of luck.

Thanks and you too

Every thing you mentioned is a great idea to the community.

Thank you friend.

lies don't pay truly. I also feel that your plans were well thought of and you investing in your farms and building a school or a transport business are long time investment and it would continue yielding profits for the foreseeable future. your plans on the hive power were also well though of

Thank You for the kind comment.