EDS miners are now on sale

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What are EDMS tokens?

EDMS tokens mine EDS tokens

What are EDS tokens?

EDS tokens are HIVE income tokens that are pegged to 1 HIVEp. All earnings produced by EDS is HIVE POWER based with all EDS token holders receiving a weekly HIVE income payment based on 12% of the total @eddie-earner HIVE POWER balance every Monday at 8 pm UTC (no staking required). Until now the EDS token has been soft capped to a circulating supply of 20,000 and produce's an APY of around 13%. This percentage will increase as miners are sold and earnings increase through HIVE POWER growth based on my projected earnings below.

There are 480,000 EDS waiting to be minted. Get your hard hat on and grab a shovel.


Why make an EDS miner?

The short answer in 2 parts is 1/ EDS is perfectly set up to accommodate and use a mining token as a way to introduce new EDS tokens into circulation. Based on issuing 2500 EDS miners, there will be 5000 new EDS minted each year into circulation. 2/ All HIVE collected from issuing miners will be powered up and put to work to increase the EDS token ARY

Some details about EDSM tokens

  • There will only ever be 2500 EDS miners (EDSM) issued
  • Each EDS miner (EDSM) will cost 10 HIVE each
  • Each EDS miner (EDSM) will provide an average of 2 EDS tokens per year
  • This will not change and provide a 20% return on investment for as long as you have EDS miners staked
  • Mining rewards issuing account is @eds-holdings

Mining Rewards

  • 3 Pools per day, one draw every 8 hours
  • 20 mining rewards per draw
  • Each mining reward = 0.228 EDS token


  • 1 week unstaking in 1 transaction


Projected EDS Returns

Below is a projection of the HIVE income EDS tokens will provide to those that mine them. The figures below are based on HIVE POWER only, they do not account for content, curation are tribe token earnings nor do they account for any coming airdrops (if any) to HIVE POWER stakers. The projections below are based on the bare minimum HIVE POWER income of 19%.

I dont think we will start week one at 28% but if all miners were to sell out, we would. You will notice as the year progresses the APY decreases. This is due to new EDS tokens being minted but the decay is very slow and it actually reverses to an increasing APY after enough time has passed. This is because a set number of 5000 EDS will be minted each year and as each year passes, it has less and less effect on EDS income payments until it has no effect and the trend reverses. It's not black magic, it's the power of compounding. By earning HIVE from other sources such as content, curation and tribe tokens, the reversing will happen faster.

If we look further out and take a view into years. We are here for the long term i think, most of us.


As you can see the decay is slow over 10 years from 28% down to 16% before it reverses and starts to increase. 16% is not to bad if HIVE is $10 in 10 years. Of course, the plan is to have this reversal take place long before 10 years.

I hope this gives you a better idea of what you can expect to earn by holding EDS tokens based on issuing all 2500 EDS miners. Again, these are bare minimum projections.


How to mine EDS start to finish


  • Limited liquidity will be provided daily to the exchange to the value of mining rewards for that day
  • EDS tokens will be bought back for 1 HIVEp each
  • Bought back tokens are burned

But you will want to hold them, grow your EDS stash build a growing HIVE income that will pay out for years


Questions are welcomed

The project is being run by @silverstackeruk for @spinvest. You can reach me in many ways, the comments below, SPI & LBI posts and discord.

Ps, whoever put in the pre-buy order got some cheap EDS miners. Thanks for showing the support. I've filled your orders. The other 2498.6 EMSM will cost 10 HIVE :)




LeoDEX link to the exchange


Hive-engine link to exchange


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Finally, the wait is over!
Got myself 14 and staked them, now I just wait until I start mining the EDS to add to the collection and maybe look at buying more soon.
I take it we have to wait a year for the next lot of EDSM to come, after this lot sells?
Saw it mentioned something about a year and then 5000 more is released.

I see you have them stacked already 😀

I think it will be hard to sell 2500 but yep we looked into the ROI for 1k, 2.5k, 5k, 10k miners.

There will only be 2500 EDS miners but there nothing stopping me from releases a MEGA miner in 6-12 months. Not saying i will but.....i might which will increase the EDS ROI further again.

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It may now be 16 stacked and yes, I wanted the best chance to start earning extra bits of EDS and to help out my passive income and actually saving!

Could be hard selling 2500 miners, but might just take time as people get extra hive to be able to afford more.

Hopefully EDS gets more traction soon, just happy to be getting in early and watching the weeks slowly grow to higher amounts.

Keep it up. 🙂

16 miners in the first half a day, plus I got a 4th to put me up to .92 EDS earned already. Get in early or I will buy up more and mine alllll the EDS myself! 😂



So the mining reward is set. It's set to pay out around 2 EDS per miner but as there are only 500 issued at the minute, people holding now have a 5 times better chance to win if that makes sense

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Yeah I understood that from the posts and comments, where you mention some have a chance of getting more than the 2 per miner. It's understandable that while less have been sold, more chance of getting extra until people buy more EDSM.

Awesome. So draw will happen on weekly basis?

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No, there are 3 draws per days and 20 prizes per draw :)

Thanks. I was confused with this. I believe it is 8 hours. Thanks :)

damn, i'll need to edit that.

Thanks for pointing that out

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Damn ... I have to get myself some liquid hive!

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I'll prob sell them for around a month so you have time to power down all your HIVE, sell all you LEO and LBI's.

I not saying FOMO but..........

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Are you crazy? Power down all my hive ..., sell my leo, sell my lbi??? Nah, the hive power down is the only one I can play with, the other two are there to stay. I'm not that much the FOMO type of girl.

give me Eddie's Miners ... nowwwww! Hurry, before they're all gone! why don't I have Hive now? damn, I need to make a blog! Oh hell, I don't know what to write about, I don't have a good photo now, shit ... someone bought the miners, ohw my god! I need some for me, oh come on, give them to me ...

Now without joking. I'll try to get my hands on some ... but I first need to get some liquid hive. I'll be back later 😁

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haha, no worries. Im sure they will now sell out :)

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I'm sure they will, but I'm not saying it will be today ... Lol

I didn't realize that it was already up on HE and people were placing orders.

I bought 1 to test the waters and left a buy order for the another if someone wants to sell cheap lol.

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The token was created around a week back and i guess some people thought they would place some buy orders without knowing the price on a hope. If it were more tokens, i would not have filled them, lol.

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I think I got lucky and managed to get in on the first lottery before everyone else piled in. Managed to snag over 3 EDS tokens as a bonus.

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Damn, that's like 3/4 of the prize draw, lol

Well done

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Yea for the first mining afterwards, there were less than 2 EDSM staked and I had 1 staked. Therefore there was less competition. My luck has failed me afterwards as I haven't gotten another EDS since (the staked pool is over a hundred now).

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Thank you @eddie-earner!

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Your welcome.

If you take a gamble, sometimes it pays off :)

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Nice to see another passive income stream with a guaranteed output of 20% a year. This is something to hold on and keep it in the wallet and forget about it.

BTW, you must have spent a lot of time on the logo, at least this what I've heard.

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lol, i spent to much time playing with something not that important. lol

Yes, these will be perfect to buy, stake and let the EDS tokens pile up and generate a nice HIVE income. Thanks for checking out the post man :)

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Check out the last post from @hivebuzz:

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I’ll be buying this week. Good write up. Looking forward to holding long term.

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Thanks, brother.

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Just bought some and staked!

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I had 30 liquid hive. So I got 3 miners. Its a start :D

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I managed to squeeze 5 miners in, hoping to push them to 10

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