Saturday Savers Club with @susie-saver | BRAND NEW SUMMER CHALLENGE - 100 DAYS OF SAVING BACKWARDS! | Week 16 - Saturday 17 April 2021 - Win EDS Tokens for Comments!

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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to Saturday Savers Club with Susie Saver.


Yes, for anyone who's got a little bored saving forwards, we have a new challenge that is going to run from now, right through the summer with a deadline of Saturday 31 July 2021!

It works like the 365 Penny a Day Challenge, only backwards for 100 days: on day one you save 100 units (pennies, Hive, HBD, Bitcoin 😂), on day 2 you save 99, day 3 = 98 and so on. For ease, you can print out the progress sheet below and work backwards for 100 days.

There are two parts to this challenge:

  • Part 1: Make a post by 9am UTC on Saturday 24 April 2021 with a commitment to saving backwards for 100 days and
  • Part 2: Make a post by 9am UTC on Saturday 31 July 2021 with the results of your 100 days of saving backwards (don't worry, I'll remind you nearer the time).

This could be a great challenge for children - by the end of the challenge they will have saved 5050 pennies/cents just in time for the summer holidays!

Not too long, either, just one hundred days!

How to Enter Part 1:

Everyone who enters part one will go into a draw with prizes - win SPI, LBI and EDS - yes!


Now then - this week's EDS winners!

Every week, you have the chance to win EDS tokens for commenting. Last week we had comments from @gillianpearce @ericburgoyne @solymi @bearmol @no-advice @justclickindiva @missaj @fruityfruitz @jfang003 and @chrisparis.

MIA: @erikah, @alexvan and @thegoliath - missed you, are you all okay? Tell us in the comments.

Also, a shout-out to @bashadow, who's stacking SPI - welcome, please feel free to join us 🙂.

And also, you can win tokens by (re-)tweeting. Tell us in the comments if you know of any other opportunities to win coins or tokens to add to our savings.

Okay, everyone who commented last week went into the WheelofNames and two winners came out: @missaj and @solymi - yay!

- Congratulations!

Check your Hive Engine wallets Saturday Savers!

Thank you for taking part in Saturday Savers Club, everyone!

What's been happening in your world this week? anything exciting or fun? Tell us in the comments - you could win some EDS tokens 😁.

More about EDS tokens

EDS tokens are a low-risk income token, ideal for people who want to save. There were only 20,000 originally and they were all sold at 1 Hive each, with guaranteed earnings of 12% each year. You can now acquire EDS tokens through the EDS Miner token.

Earnings come from powering up and leasing out the Hive that came from selling the tokens, plus earnings from posts and comments each week. EDS pays out every Monday evening: last week the pay out was equivalent to 20%.

Back to business ...

We're going to be here every Saturday through the year growing a little savings honey pot, if you have plans for saving or getting to a different place this time next year - maybe $5 Hive by the end of the year 🤑?

Whatever it is, stick with Susie Saver through the year and we'll get there. Along the way, we'll share lots of tips and tricks for saving and how to get the knack of making your money work for you and not the other way round.

Let's Get Started


Image by Andy M. from Pixabay Yes, it's the same chicken 😂

We're using the 365 Penny A Day Challenge framework for the Saturday Savers Club. We're aiming to save £667 worth of pennies by the end of the year.

Penny a Day Tracker Sheet


Right click on the image, save it to your computer and then print it out.

Okay, let's check in ...

1. Check Progress

Each week, we're going to check in through this post and see where we are up to. Our target for today, 17th April, was 7.28p. Next week, we'll be saving 7.77p and by Saturday we'll have savings of 65.58p (look how that is growing)!

Each week, I'll be buying Hive for @susie-saver's account with the pennies we've saved.

Here's this week's results - 7.28p buys 12.093 Hive.
166 Hive saved in 16 weeks! Plus we're earning 3.22% inflation on powered up Hive, and 21% on EDS tokens!

@susie-saver has powered this week's savings bringing her account to 66.9 HP. What do you think her next savings investment should be?

How much did you save this week? Did you meet your target? Or did you save even more?

Being accountable to another person or a group is a great way to motivate yourself to save (or anything you want to achieve). Of course, you need the right kind of people around you - ones that think what you're trying to do is worth doing ... or at least fun 😁.

Sign up here with us to start your savings journey:

  • just leave a comment below if you want to join the challenge.
  • follow @eddie-earner so you never miss a post (Eddie has lots of ideas about how to make money - he's the earner, I'm the saver - you'll like his posts).
  • share this post if you think your followers might be interested.

2. The Golden Pig Tip

saturday savers club.jpg

Image by 3D Animation Production Company from Pixabay

Every week, we're going to share a Golden Pig Tip for saving. By the time you've tried them all you'll have £670 saved.

This Week's Golden Pig Tip

This week's tip is taken from this post - Top Ten Rules of Crypto by @edicted. Rule Number Two is HODL!

@edicted says:

90% of gamblers lose money on average. The easiest way to make money in crypto is to pick solid projects and simply hold the tokens without trying to trade them back and forth. It's not about timing the market; it's about time in the market.
Not only is this a better & safer strategy for 90% of all users, it's also a less stressful solution. Rather than having to constantly worry about buying and selling you don't even have to look at the price. Just come back to it later.

This rule applies to savings, too. The easiest way to save is to pick one thing - pennies, cents, hive - and simply put the coins aside and leave them there (or HODL). Time in the market applies to savings, too - leave your savings to grow over time, just come back later.

What do you think? Is it less stressful to pick a savings plan and stick with it? Or do you like chopping and changing to keep your interest going?

And today is always a good day to start saving - you can start on Day 1 or make up the first sixteen weeks to catch up with @susie-saver. Or join our 100 day savings backwards challenge 😁.

That's it for this week. Hope you've enjoyed it and look forward to seeing you next Saturday with progress so far and our next Golden Pig tip.

@eddie-earner content contributed by @silverstackeruk and @shanibeer.
Today's post by @shanibeer writing as @susie-saver.

EDS, @eddie-earner's income token, is part of the SPinvest family including SPI (@spinvest), LBI (@lbi-token) and the @spinvest-leo account - a cool club in the making. Spinvest Family Motto: Get Rich Slowly.

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I am still around just have been busy so haven't been commenting, also have to be on my phone on Saturdays.

Been working up the savings when possible and sold some hive when it was a higher price not long ago, to chuck aside. Got some extra crypto, got some hive engine tokens and doing my best to now contribute tp it more.

Good to see you @thegoliath!
Doing well with selling hive and investing in other tokens!

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Yay! Thanks for the EDS! I am stacking them slowly as I already aquired 30 EDSM and my saving strategy basically went to buying LENM and EDSM tokens. Also $cub is doing a good job making me a steady daily income that is saved and compounded.
Happy to be on $hive
thanks for the free token!

You are doing well!


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It looks I don’t have any luck here, but I will try again and again 😉

Yes, keep going ... do the laws of probability improve with more attempts?
Have a lovely weekend!

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Hi @eddie-earner @susie-saver. Happy Saturday!! congrats to this week's winners. Big up yuself @missaj!! Congrats @solymi
on a bit of a go slow this week as I try to pace myself a bit. Still working on communicating more with community members.

Pacing yourself is good :) Excellent to aim for more communication!

Thank you @shanibeer.

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I appreciate the shout out, I am not a consistent enough person to join in on he challenge, but a some point in time my EDSM's will begin to grow, I have one of them and one STEMM miner, EDSM and STEMM are next on my grow it list.

Welcome @bashadow, good to see you here :)
Not everyone here takes part in the structured challenges, some people have their own plan, much like you. They use the Saturday Savers Club to report in and maybe win some tokens. Each week there is a draw for everyone who has commented for EDS tokens, but the Club also gives away SPI, EDSM and LBI for small challenges along the way.
You're welcome to join us and let us know how you are getting on with your plans for miners (great idea, by the way).

Thank you, I will keep my eye out for the post.


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Hello @eddie-earner and @shanibeer.

What an awesome idea for this week's savings challenge. I will participate in PART 1 of the Summer Challenge - 100 DAYS OF SAVING BACKWARDS.

I already got started on my reverse saving on April 11th. Below is my weekly update post for the Saturday Savers Club:

I'd like to say congratulations to @missaj and @solymi, winners of this week's WheelOfNames.

Also congrats to all who participated in the comments and/or created content for your Saturday Savers Club weekly savings progress. It's great to see so many participating.

@susie-saver has powered this week's savings bringing her account to 66.9 HP. What do you think her next savings investment should be?

Suggestion: I feel that you should continue to power up until you reach Minnow. The purpose of your account is to grow it. Powering up is one way to accomplish that with increased HP, you can earn more. That's not to say power up exclusively, but include it at the same time in whatever other investment you may contemplate.

Finally, The Golden Pig Tip for this week.
I agree with @edicted. The best way to save is with solid investments. Talking about gambling brought back memories of my mom urging us to take her to BINGO each weekend. I wasn't really paying attention, but I don't think she won more than she lost. I feel that it was the thought of the potential to win big was what drove her to participate each week. She'd have numerous bingo cards all spread out over the tiny space allotted to her. She even solicited us to help dab the colored ink on her numbers. It wasn't something I enjoyed, but obeyed instructions. It was sort of boring. Many weekends she'd leave with empty pockets. Her comment would be, "well, next week will be better. Did you see I was only one number away from bingo?" I didn't have a response for it, and her big win never materialized, but she kept going. It think it was just something to occupy her time.

Take care every and have a good rest of your weekend.

Woo hoo! Hello @justclickindiva! So great to see your achievements!
The bingo is interesting - I think you are right about it occupying time, maybe providing structure and some social interaction, too, all important things 🙂. There's the excitement and anticipation, too.

Powering up is truth - it is also the easiest option :) I can just do it each week hehe.

I see you're participating in the April blogging month - another great initiative. Are you enjoying it?

Hello @shanibeer Yes, you are right about the excitement and anticipation. Although I could do without it and keep my coins, lol. But we do what Mother asks, don't we?

Yes, I believe in powering up to grow my account. There are so many ways to do it, and no one way is the best. It's also the easiest as you say.

Yes, I'm participating in another of @traciyork's initiative for the #hiveblopomo for April. I've been waiting for a few months for it to return. It provides exposure to my content when others reblog my posts.

Thank you so much for your support and ideas to help me in the Saturday Savers Club and in my overall journey on Hive. I truly appreciate it.

Take care.


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Sorry for being MIA last week. Must have missed the post as I had a rough week.

It's nice to see your saving club is getting bigger every week.

I've saved Hive this week And it is ready to be invested when the time comes. Heaven bought bitcoin this week but have invested some of my earnings into CUB DeFi.

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Hello @erikah, good to see you :) Hope things are better for you this week. Sometimes life needs a lot of attention 🙂. THe savings club is doing well, and it is so nicve to be able to give out tokens every week, makes it more fun!
Looks like you have some good savings/investments plans.

You know, plans are made and then life turns them upside down 😀

But if you have a plan B, you can survive.

Good luck with the saving club!

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This challenge sounds quite reasonable, and I have barely found the publication today so I will be more active here in the following days, greetings.

! LUV1

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Welcome, @clicmaster, good to see you.
Please feel free to join the challenge 🙂.

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😀Congrats to @missaj and @solymi.
Lastweek @justclickindiva encouraged me to get on a saving plan. I haven’t hopped on yet but want to do so.
This week was really busy. I went back to work and things were in full swing. Always nice to catch up, engage and see what’s happening on hive.

This is your chance @fruityfruitz - just 100 days, easy peasy, lemon squeezy :)

Haha! Thanks @shanibeer . @missaj and @bearmol, what are we waiting for? Are you in?

@shanibeer Just to clarify. Is the idea behind this to save more at the beginning and reduce your daily savings as your approach the 100th day?

Hi @bearmol - yes, that's right. For this 100 days challenge you start with the highest amount (1 Hive/pound, for example), then decrease by one small unit (penny/cent) each day until the 100th day when you save 0.01 (1 penny/cent).
It's a fun experiment 🙂, where you would save 50.50 over the period, build your savings skills and maybe win some tokens (LBI, SPI, EDS in this case).
I was trying to work out incentives (when you reach a certain target, you automatically win a token, for example), but I couldn't get my head around it yesterday! Maybe I'll work on that for another challenge later in the year hehe.

@shanibeer Thank you. It’s a little bit clearer now. Looks like I would have to return to 50.50 earlier than I planned. But I suppose it’s time anyway. It seems like such a waste of time to transfer HIVE to Savings daily though. I’ll just make a spreadsheet and transfers the amount to savings at the end of 100 days.

You don't have to put the Hive actually into savings. You could power up that amount each day instead. You could keep a screenshot each day when you power up, if you wanted to, but a sentence or two in a short comment here once a week would be enough. It's for your benefit, so whatever works for you.

I read you loud and clear @shanibeer. Thanks 🙏. I’ll simply continue on my 100% HP path until I get to 1000HP then I’ll switch back to 50/50.

😁 👌 🔥

Here's a good post to inspire you @fruityfruitz @missaj @bearmol 😍

Thanks. 😃

Gonna put these 500 yen coins to the task.

I’ll have a read and see what can be done.

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Thank you. 😀

🥳 thank you 🙏 this is a good way to kick off my ¥500 saving project. In Japan they have little piggy banks /saving pans in which you save a particular coin 🪙 I’ve decided to start putting away ¥500 yen coins. If I fill one of the pans it should be worth about $3000. Let the the saving begin

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Woo hoo, off we go!
That sounds like a good plan - can you let us have a picture of the pan?
Would that be enough for the travel to Jamaica?
V. exciting!

I am debating about it since I am already in my current challenge. But it doesn't seem that bad if I were to start from 0.1 HIVE down to 0.001 HIVE in my HIVE savings. I don't want to mix in more HBD because it might confuse me on the normal savings pattern.

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That looks like a good way to handle two challenges at the same time! Excellwent!

I'll put up a post later this week. I might be underachieving slightly since I am aiming for a tenth of a penny but savings work out either way.

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It sounds good and you're building those savings muscles!

Here is my post that I did yesterday and just remembered to post it here.

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How time flies it has been a week already. I am just working on getting my Hive to 5,000 with just 37 to go getting closer by the day. Have a great week all

Just 37!!!!! Here's to a great week!
Good to see you @ericburgoyne!

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I seem to have gotten all over the place with my dollar cost averaging. I mentioned last time that I missed the buy but, unbeknown to me there had been a dip and I my order did in fact get filled. 😂

This weeks order got filled. It was easier as the price went down. In fact I made 2 purchases as I had a limit order that hadn't been filled from weeks ago which got filled.

Hope you're week is going well and you're enjoying the sunshine. 😍

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