Saturday Savers Club with @susie-saver | Week 1 - Saturday 2 January 2021

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Hello Everyone,

Happy New Year and welcome to Saturday Savers Club with Susie Saver. We're going to be running every Saturday through 2021 and growing a little savings honey pot.

Have you got any plans for saving this year? Would you like to be in a different place this time next year? Maybe you'd like a little honey pot to spend or to clear some old debts hanging round your neck or may be you want to start building for the future?

Whatever it is, stick with Susie Saver through the year and we'll get there. Along the way, we'll share lots of tips and tricks for saving and how to get the knack of making your money work for you and not the other way round.

Let's Get Started


Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay

It's always good to have a framework or a target when you start saving and we're going to use the 365 Penny A Day Challenge. This starts nice and easy, so slow you don't even notice, just like boiling frogs in water, just day 1, put aside one penny, day 2 put aside two pennies, until day 365 when you save £3.65 and you end up with 66,795 pennies or £667.95.

You can do the 365 Day Challenge with any unit of currency - pennies, cents, hive, bitcoin - whatever you have lying around and you can easily get your hands on. You can keep physical pennies in a jar, or save them in an account, maybe a credit union account. You can use the sheet below to track your progress:


Right click on the image, save it to your computer and then print it out.

I did this for the first time last year. I was blasé about the first week:

Ha! I laugh at your 3p!

And worried (needlessly) about the final week:

Erm ... you're saying that'll be £21.75?

Of course, by the time I made it to week 52 (and weeks 48, 49, 50 and 51) I had learned how to put those pennies together every day without affecting my budget or the way I lived. That's right, I learned how to save. Gradually, week by week, you learn how to find that little extra bit of money that is going to make a £670 difference by the end of the year.

There's a bonus, too, to learning how to save, which is that your attitude and your approach to money and your economic well-being will have changed. You'll be in a different place and have a different mindset.

How Are We Going To Do It?

1. Check Progress

Each week, we're going to check in through this post and see where we are up to. Our target for today, 2nd January, was 3p. Next week, we'll be saving 42p and by Saturday we'll have savings of 45p.

Each week, I'll be buying Hive for @susie-saver's account with the pennies we've saved.

Here's this week's results - 3p buys 0.256 Hive.

Screenshot 287.png
It's not included in the image, but the account is worth $0.03 - bang on!

Being accountable to another person or a group is a great way to motivate yourself to save (or anything you want to achieve). Of course, you need the right kind of people around you - ones that think what you're trying to do is worth doing ... or at least fun 😁.

Sign up here with us to start your savings journey:

  • just leave a comment below if you want to join the challenge.
  • follow @eddie-earner so you never miss a post (Eddie has lots of ideas about how to make money - he's the earner, I'm the saver - you'll like his posts).
  • share this post if you think your followers might be interested.

2. The Golden Pig Tip

Image by 3D Animation Production Company from Pixabay

Every week, we're going to share a Golden Pig Tip for saving. By the time you've tried them all you'll have £670 saved. Why the Golden Pig? Well, sometimes, we'll pick tips you've left in the comments and when we do you'll win a Golden Pig HBI share.

This Week's Golden Pig Tip

start small, start today

What's your favourite tip for starting to save? Leave it in the comments below for a chance to win HBI shares.

That's it for this week. Hope you've enjoyed it and look forward to seeing you next Saturday with progress so far and our next Golden Pig tip.

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Today's post by @shanibeer writing as @susie-saver.

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Wow es un exelente proyecto, muy instructivo, gracias, saludos.

Thank you - hope you will join us!

I don't have a favorite saying for starting to save...

But I do know that the best day to start is yesterday, the next best day is today.

That's a brilliant saying!

@crosheille, @dmilliz, @metzli - wondering whether this is something we could recruit to through needleworkmonday, reggaejahm and steemitmamas? Is there a joint initiative we could do to raise awareness? I'll be doing something through The Ink Well next week.

I am leading by example.

I started a @metzlisaves account and have transferred HIVE for every day of the challenge.

Anyone who starts "later" can do 365 days of saving and name it day 1, day 2 etc while still playing along.

I'll see who else wants to play :)

Hurrah, that's great! ❤️🌅✔️📣

what do you think @crosheille, @dmilliz? can we get some more people involved?

I think the savings club idea is really wonderful for those that need one. Right now my husband and I have some plans and strategies set in place on how we will achieve our savings goal this year.

I haven’t seen anyone from
nwm respond to the link yet but hopefully those who are interested have already gotten onboard ;)

I’ll try, let me start by posting in our discord. Me personal I save quite a bit and invest already but I know others may need guidance!

Thanks, helps to raise awareness :)

I bookmarked this post when I first saw it in The Ink Well, but didn't return to it. I will now join in. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Last year I managed to save 100 Hive. I'll just start adding to it.

Welcome! Look forward to saving with you through the year 🙂

I've resteemed this to the @needleworkmonday account and posted it in our general discord channel for now ;)

Ah that's lovely, thank you 😍

Absolutely!!! 😉

Hmmm 🤔 let me think on this! This is definitely a year for saving.

I'd really like to help people grow their hive accounts - get into the habit of save a bit, take out a bit.

Let's see what we come up with 😁

Yes cause I know when HIVE reaches $5 many will wish they had more!

Be sure to delegate that HP over to @lbi-token

It would be good for Eddie to help out that project also.

Thank you for coming by @taskmaster4450, I'll check out the HP situation.

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Happy New Year - Project Activity Update

I found your initiative in the Ink Well Community. I will join in. My favorite way to save is in a bank savings account. I also have a physical savings container at home for miscellaneous.

In 2020 I saved 100 HIVE. I plan once I join in this initiative to save $.001 Hive each day, starting today by transferring to savings this amount each day.

I have a question. I'm a but confused. First you say a penny a say. Then you say day 2, save 2 cents. which after day 2 you will 3 cents. So each day you save that amount of pennies, or is it just 1 CENT each day?

Each day you are adding a penny more than the day before. So:
day 1 - 1 penny
day 2 - 2 pennies
day 3 - 3 pennies and so on up to 365 pennies on 31st December.
If you print out the chart, it will tell you how many pennies each day/week as you go through the year.

Perfect. Thanks. I'm ready to start today and add up from the 1st. That will be 1.78 Hive sent to Savings.