Saturday Savers Club with @susie-saver | Week 10 - Saturday 6 March 2021 - Win EDS tokens for comments!

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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to Saturday Savers Club with Susie Saver.

Exciting news this week - it's my birthday!

Yes, I'm 21 for the 45th time! Yay!

What's been happening in your world this week? anything exciting or fun? Tell us in the comments - you could win some EDS tokens 😁.

But first, this week's EDS winners!

Last week we had comments from @alexvan @erikah @gillianpearce @ericburgoyne @jfang003 @eirik @solymi @khan.dayyanz @chrisparis @bearmol @ayhamyou

We didn't hear from @justclickindiva last week, it looks like there was bad weather where she is - hope you are okay and things are better this week 🙂. Here's @justclickindiva's savings progress post - things are starting to pick up with more than .5 Hive joining her savings each day!

Okay, everyone who commented last week went into the WheelofNames and two winners came out:

@erikah and @solymi - Congratulations!

Check your Hive Engine wallets Saturday Savers!

Thank you for taking part in Saturday Savers Club, everyone!

More about EDS tokens

EDS tokens are a low-risk income token, ideal for people who want to save. There are only 20,000 and they were all sold at 1 Hive each, with guaranteed earnings of 12% each year.

Earnings come from powering up and leasing out the Hive that came from selling the tokens, plus earnings from posts and comments each week. Each EDS token is now worth about 1.10 Hive, a nice slow steady increase - that's what we like. EDS pays out every Monday evening: last week the pay out was equivalent to 13.2% and that's after only six months in existence.

EDS Miners (EDSM) are coming soon - find out about them in this post.

There are 10 EDS for sale at the original price of 1 Hive this week (correct at the time of writing). Alternatively, you can put in a buy order at a lower price. Check the Hive-Engine market.

Back to business ...

We're going to be here every Saturday through the year growing a little savings honey pot, if you have plans for saving or getting to a different place this time next year - maybe $5 Hive by the end of the year 🤑?

Whatever it is, stick with Susie Saver through the year and we'll get there. Along the way, we'll share lots of tips and tricks for saving and how to get the knack of making your money work for you and not the other way round.

Let's Get Started

saturday savers club.jpg

Image by Tim C. Gundert from Pixabay Mmmm, gold coins - I'll have to get over to @needleworkmonday and make a coin purse 😁

We're using the 365 Penny A Day Challenge framework for the Saturday Savers Club. We're aiming to save £667 worth of pennies by the end of the year.

You can use the sheet below to track your progress:


Right click on the image, save it to your computer and then print it out.

Okay, let's check in ...

1. Check Progress

Each week, we're going to check in through this post and see where we are up to. Our target for today, 6th March, was 4.34p. Next week, we'll be saving 4.83p and by Saturday we'll have savings of 26.31p.

Each week, I'll be buying Hive for @susie-saver's account with the pennies we've saved.

Here's this week's results - 4.34p buys 15.175 Hive.

Saturday Savers Club.png

Nearly 100 Hive saved in 10 weeks! Plus we're earning 3.22% inflation on powered up Hive: see how our 50HP has increased?

How much did you save this week? Did you meet your target? Or did you save even more?

Being accountable to another person or a group is a great way to motivate yourself to save (or anything you want to achieve). Of course, you need the right kind of people around you - ones that think what you're trying to do is worth doing ... or at least fun 😁.

Sign up here with us to start your savings journey:

  • just leave a comment below if you want to join the challenge.
  • follow @eddie-earner so you never miss a post (Eddie has lots of ideas about how to make money - he's the earner, I'm the saver - you'll like his posts).
  • share this post if you think your followers might be interested.

2. The Golden Pig Tip

saturday savers club.jpg

Image by 3D Animation Production Company from Pixabay

Every week, we're going to share a Golden Pig Tip for saving. By the time you've tried them all you'll have £670 saved.

Last week, we talked about using your savings to earn active and passive income and some of the easier ways you could do this.

This Week's Golden Pig Tip

This week's tip is:

Know your attitude to risk

Are you a cautious person, careful about taking risks? Or are you devil-may-care, take a chance and maybe win the big rewards and not worry too much if you lose everything.

Susie Saver is your sensible auntie: she's going for EDS income tokens which bring a steady income over time. She's going to use that income to compound her savings.

So, she's borrowed a little Hive at no interest and invested her liquid Hive in 50 EDS tokens. Let's see what happens with them.

What's your attitude to risk?
How do you decide which tokens to buy?
Tell us in the comments - and remember to let us know your favourite savings tips!

And today is always a good day to start saving - you can start on Day 1 or make up the first ten weeks to catch up with @susie-saver.

That's it for this week. Hope you've enjoyed it and look forward to seeing you next Saturday with progress so far and our next Golden Pig tip.

@eddie-earner content contributed by @silverstackeruk and @shanibeer.
Today's post by @shanibeer writing as @susie-saver.

EDS, @eddie-earner's income token, is part of the SPinvest family including SPI (@spinvest), LBI (@lbi-token) and the @spinvest-leo account - a cool club in the making. Spinvest Family Motto: Get Rich Slowly.

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My new savings is now HBD, since they brought in the interest rate on your holdings.
Sure it is a low yearly 3%, but it is more about the principal of holding to earn a little while hoping to not sell for hive or use it.

Next stop some EDSM, which needs to hurry while I have the hive ready! Haha

My new savings is now HBD, since they brought in the interest rate on your holdings.

Yes, that's good, isn't it? and I agree 🙂.
I think EDSM will be here sooner than you think!


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Happy birthday!!!

I am a conservative risk taker and only risk what I won't miss. Last week I started DCA with BTC and am hoping I'll keep at it this time. Third time lucky! 😁

I generally buy tokens based on what trusted people recommend. I have a growing list of tokens to look into but have come to accept that I can't do them all.

Apart from DCA and buying the dip with BTC I am buying Hive based tokens here and there with the proceeds from selling Starbits or DEC. However, I'm selling very little at the moment as the price is pretty low on both of them.

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Thank you 🙂!

only risk what I won't miss

That's a good plan. Good luck with the DCA - I find that easier to just plod along with. Selling (having a selling plan) is going to be the tricky part for me 😂.

What's on your list of tokens to look into?


Selling (having a selling plan) is going to be the tricky part for me

I used to think that too but now I'm planning on never selling and just earning passive income from my tokens once the DeFi space gets more established. And who knows what else might be coming along similar lines.

Coins on my list to buy which I probably won't buy now . . .

Polkadot when it was $3.30
OIN @ 0.62
RARI @ $1.40
RUNE (last November 😱)
Polkastarter in Jan
Exceedme @ $0.76

To name but a few. I missed these when they were at great prices but have made my peace knowing there will always be others.

And . . . I don't think I'm ever going to be a trader so better to focus on a few tokens and keep taking small steps.

Let's get the DCA on BTC sorted and into a habit and then add something else into the mix.

The selling of Starbits and DEC is all over the place at the moment, as is buying LEO, UTOPIS, EDS etc. But that's OK. I'll get into more of a rythem eventually.


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Some interesting coins in your list. I wonder what @metzli thinks of any of them, she's usually pretty clued up 😁.

Good idea to stick with one plan at a time. DCA on BTC sounds ABC 😂 x

I haven't bought my BTC yet today. I keep watching the price and waiting for it to go down a bit which is exactly not the point of DCA. 😂

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Hehe - I hear you!

Have you got a (specific) goal for your BTC savings? That sometimes helps.
Two other tricks:

  • buy 1/7th daily of your budget.
  • only buy when today is lower than yesterday.
    You can use each independently or together.

Which exchange do you use?

Have you got a (specific) goal for your BTC savings?

No. I'm waiting for John to do and update of our current finances/desired future finances spreadsheet so I can work from there. That could be a long time coming though.

I like your two other tricks. I started doing something similar with selling STARBITS and DEC but generally never end up selling anything because the price is low for both currently.

I don't think I'm approaching it right though because I'm looking at it in dollars but what I really want to know is how much LEO, or other tokens I can buy with SB or DEC since I don't want to turn them to Fiat.

There are just too many moving parts for me and I end up feeling overwhelmed, especially at this time of night.

I'll look at it again tomorrow . . .

Which exchange do you use?

I use Coinbase Pro for BTC because I can get GBP's there quickly and easily and place a limit order. I learned to do that when it was GDax and free.

I started to use for the same reasons but then they dropped their GBP pairs so I went back to Coinbase Pro.

For Hive stuff I use LEODEX.

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I like diversified Investments :) Thank you so much for the EDS token! I now own 6 of them :) I hope to see a nice steady income from all tokens I hold, but I managed to get my self some decent HP and I am powering up 50% the hive and hbd I get as author rewards. I will continue to buy myself into a lot of projects at the same time to diversify my risk while gaining a decent profit :)
Also I have some hot NFTs on NFT showroom selling those would boost my HIVE investments to the next level :)

Good plan 🙂!
NFTs, now they sound like fun, too!


Thanks for the engagement tokens :) And thanks again for the EDS I won!

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Happy birthday! I was thinking you are 20, not 21 ;)

I do both, boring risk-free investments and high adrenaline ones, where the risk is higher. Furthermore, I hope to switch in a couple of years to the boring, real passive ones.

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I was thinking you are 20, not 21 ;)

I know, it's deceptive 😂.

I'd like more time for the high adrenaline ones - I think I would enjoy them!


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Happy Birthday! Last week I was very happy to pick up 75 more EDS for .9 Hive to bring me to 200 total. :)

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Good for you! Little by little we get there 🙂.
Thank you for the birthday greetings!


You are welcome!

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Happy birthday.

What's your attitude to risk?

I usually check the risk-reward before entering any position but sometimes I get in if the plan is sound and then add more as things become more solid.

How do you decide which tokens to buy?

I decide based on the return. If it's a long term investment, I am considering how the result will be years from now and I will not be worried about the short term dips.

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Some good ideas there - food for future posts 🙂


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Happy Birthday!

Thank you for the nice gift, I'm really honored. Moreover thank you for reminding us about the EDS Miners (EDSM). I've missed the post, not feeling good about it but there's so much to do around here.

What's your attitude to risk? - I can take risks but not foolishly. I'm not an all in, all out person.

How do you decide which tokens to buy? - First I study the evolution of the token, the market and listen to trusted people, and then I decide if I invest or not.

My favourite savings tips - Saving starts in the grocery store/supermarket. I always ask myself if I need that thing. Even if it's on sale, if you don't need it, it's a waste of resources. Also reuse, repurpose what I can, sell what I don't need and save money. Saving a part of my income every month is also a good way to accumulate some savings.

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Thank you 🙂

Some good tips there - I'll come back to them in future posts!


Thank you @shanibeer. Have a nice Sunday 🌞

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Wow thanks @susie-saver. Happy birthday 🥳🎈. I've changed my strategy a little. Now I'm going 100% HP through content creation.Of course this also helps to accumulate tokens as well.

Good to hear 🙂
Thank you for dropping by!


No problem. Thanks again.

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Happy Birthday I am just building up my hive power as best I can

Thank you for the birthday greetings 🙂!
Your HP is looking good and a nice HE portfolio, too.


Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Happy birthday!

Thank you 🙂!

Happy Birthday !!! 21 years old a good age of reference ... After that, it is only in our heads that we can remain our 21 years ... 😜

Thank you 🙂
Soon my 21st will have its Golden Anniversary 😂


Hello @eddie-earner Hope all is well. Thanks for mentioning me. I'm doing OK after the winter storm that left so many devastated. I managed to avoid major damage.

First, Happy Birthday!

Next, congratulations to the EDS winners from last week's spin: @erikah and @solymi

Finally, here is my Week 10 post just published:

I purchased 10 EDS Tokens.

When the mining token is released, I'll purchase that also.

When I was younger and working steadily, I managed to save each week. I was more tolerant of risky ventures. Also, a savings plan became part of my mentality that no matter how little I had left over, I was going to save some of it. That strategy paid off well for me.

Now that I'm retired, I'm more careful with my investments. I like to invest in low to no-risk ventures.

**I'm interested in the EDS Mining Token, so I'll keep reading on this.

Take care everyone and have a good week ahead saving.

Good to hear from you @justclickindiva, glad to know you are okay. Let's hope things soon recover where you are.

Aha, you got 10 EDS - great addition to a savings portfolio!

It's interesting how our attitudes change as we go through life. When I have a little more time to keep an eye on things, I'm planning to have a budget with different amounts for low, meduim and high risk investments - like my grandparents used to have a little put aside for betting on the horses 😁. I'm too busy right now to give it the attention it needs, but I have it in my mind for the future.

Hello @shanibeer How are you doing? Good to hear from you too. I'm still hanging in there with The Ink Well each week.

Hilarious you mentioned your grandparents putting something aside for betting on the horses. My mom was a wildly avid BINGO player. She would save up each week the amount she needed for 10 Bingo cards. Each time, she's win more than she spent.

I kept telling her the game only made sure she returned the next week. Didn't matter, she felt she knew how to spend her money wisely! And it was enjoyable.

I thoroughly enjoy participating in the Saturday Savers Club. I plan to continue through the rest of this year.

Take care and thanks for visiting and your engagement.

it was enjoyable

Good to keep a balance between saving for well-being and spending for fun 😍

Glad you are enjoying the Saturday Savers Club, we seem to have a little band of interested commenters, would be great to grow it through the year!

I almost forgot to upvote your post :) have some extra: !invest_vote

Thank you, we like that voting goodness, it all adds to the value of EDS 😁.

And a happy birthday!

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Good Projekt. 👍