Saturday Savers Club with @susie-saver | Week 3 - Saturday 16 January 2021 - HBI giveaway for comments!

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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to Saturday Savers Club with Susie Saver.

What's been happening in your world this week? anything exciting or fun? Tell us in the comments and you may win an HBI share 😁.

While we are talking about comments we have four HBI shares to give away for comments on our first two posts: @complxty, @erikah, @chrisparis and @justclickindiva, you all have a little HBI share contribution coming towards your savings! Hurrah!

We have another new member in the Saturday Savers Club: @justclickindiva joined us this week! Good to have you here 🙂.

We're going to be here every Saturday through the year growing a little savings honey pot, if you have plans for saving or getting to a different place this trime next year - maybe $5 Hive by the end of the year 🤑?

Whatever it is, stick with Susie Saver through the year and we'll get there. Along the way, we'll share lots of tips and tricks for saving and how to get the knack of making your money work for you and not the other way round.

Let's Get Started


Image by NASA-Imagery from Pixabay That's our savings, that is!

We're using the 365 Penny A Day Challenge framework for the Saturday Savers Club. We're aiming to save £667 worth of pennies by the end of the year.

You can use the sheet below to track your progress:

Right click on the image, save it to your computer and then print it out.

Okay, let's check in ...

1. Check Progress

Each week, we're going to check in through this post and see where we are up to. Our target for today, 16th January, was 91p. Next week, we'll be saving 140p and by Saturday we'll have savings of 276p.

Each week, I'll be buying Hive for @susie-saver's account with the pennies we've saved.

Here's this week's results - 91p buys 7.01 Hive.

Screenshot 291.png

It's not included in the image, but the account is worth $1.36 - bang on!

How much did you save this week? Did you meet your target? Or did you save even more?

Being accountable to another person or a group is a great way to motivate yourself to save (or anything you want to achieve). Of course, you need the right kind of people around you - ones that think what you're trying to do is worth doing ... or at least fun 😁.

Sign up here with us to start your savings journey:

  • just leave a comment below if you want to join the challenge.
  • follow @eddie-earner so you never miss a post (Eddie has lots of ideas about how to make money - he's the earner, I'm the saver - you'll like his posts).
  • share this post if you think your followers might be interested.

2. The Golden Pig Tip


Image by 3D Animation Production Company from Pixabay

Every week, we're going to share a Golden Pig Tip for saving. By the time you've tried them all you'll have £670 saved.

This Week's Golden Pig Tip

keep track of your expenses, write them down

Last week's tip was to set a goal for how you were going to use your savings. I've set mine. Can you guess from the picture what it is? Leave a comment below with your answer.


Image by Nadine Laplante from Pixabay

What's your favourite tip for starting to save? Leave it in the comments below for a chance to win HBI shares.

That's it for this week. Hope you've enjoyed it and look forward to seeing you next Saturday with progress so far and our next Golden Pig tip.

@eddie-earner content contributed by @silverstackeruk and @shanibeer.
Today's post by @shanibeer writing as @susie-saver.

EDS, @eddie-earner's income token, is part of the SPinvest family including SPI (@spinvest), LBI (@lbi-token) and the @spinvest-leo account - a cool club in the making. Motto: Get Rich Slowly

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Hello everyone. Happy to be saving with everyone who's participating.

I see @eddie-earner from the photo that you have a secret wish to become a boat owner. I love fishing myself, but I do all my patience testing on the rocks off the shore. No matter your passion, if your pennies can get you there, go for it.

I'm buying crypto at the end of my journey.

Thanks so much for the HBI gift. I appreciate it.

Have a good rest of your weekend, and hopefully a better next week than this one.

Great to see you @justclickindiva, yes @susie-saver has always had a secret dream to own a boat and that may happen, too, but this year's goal is slightly different. Good guess, though 🙂

So a goal to buy crypto, that sounds good!

Owning a glass bottom boat ⛵ looks like a great idea. Will you use it for fishing our tours?

Hello there @bearmol, are you going to save with us this year?

A glass bottomed would be a wonderful idea! I might use it for fishing, but that isn't quite my goal this year. Good guess!

I'm not sure. But I'm definitely interested in finding out more about your efforts.

Thanks for the SBI share, I really appreciate it and good luck spending your savings on that beautiful island 🙂🏝️

Thank you, I have many plans ... 🙂

I'm guessing your goal is to visit the @jahm guys in Jamaica. 😁

I'd like to try a little twist on the challenge if I may. I'm very good at saving and Hodl'g but not so good at buying.

I make a decision to by a little of a coin each week, go for about 3 weeks and then fizzle out. The price goes up and I think it's too expensive. The price goes down and I think it might go down a bit more and I don't buy either way.

I'd like to turn this challenge into buying a little bit of Hive each week. But I'm already thinking myself out of it. Is it worth doing with such small amounts of Hive? And how would I go about it anyway?

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I'm guessing your goal is to visit the @jahm guys in Jamaica. 😁

Haha, you had access to secret information only available on the blockchain! 😂

I think your idea is a very good one and that is exactly how @shanibeer did it. How much do you want to save each week? If the 365 challenge was re-organised into 52 equal parts, it is about £12.88 per week. But you could choose any amount - cost of a cup of coffee per week, £5, £10, £15 - what feels comfortable to you? Whatever the amount, one route is to buy through an exchange like Coinbase in the usual way (eg bitcoin or litecoin) and then exchange for Hive through blocktrades.

Is it worth doing for small amounts? Sometimes, I've bought less than £5 - each small amount will lead to something much bigger. See Golden Pig Tip No 1 - start small, start today 😍.

I will use this as the savings tip next week, thank you for the idea!

Thanks for the HBI ... The destination with this beautiful blue sea is a goal that suits me well ... With in addition a deckchair and a cocktail I am a fulfilled man ...
My goal will be to wait less for the right moment for an opportunity because we stay too often on the platform at these times ...

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The destination with this beautiful blue sea is a goal that suits me well ... With in addition a deckchair and a cocktail I am a fulfilled man ...

I cannot argue with that!

I understand - it is about putting in place a weekly plan. Have you started saving? Are you saving pennies or hive or something else?

I save Hives and turn Steem into Hive for more LBI ...

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Keeping track of expenses is sooooooo difficult for me.

What my husband and I did this week was we opened two different checking accounts. One is labeled "groceries" and the other is labeled "entertainment" - now EVERYONE knows how much money is left for groceries, eating out, and "stuff."

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Opening separate accounts is a hot tip, @metzli - we'll be using that!