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RE: Would you people quit your job if you could somehow earn the same amount of money each month but from a different source?

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I'm already living the dream. I have other sources of income and family business but most of the money I earn comes from Hive and other crypto. Back on February I was working on a Call Center, when Hive was born the Covid Pandemic also gained a lot of strength on the city where I was living, so I made a difficult choice. I quit the Call Center, which I hated anyway and focused 100% on Hive.

At that moment I was not making a lot from my post and my wife's posts but it paid off with the bull run that Hive had. We were able to move back home (in January we had moved to another city to test our luck), and we bought an iPad Pro for my wife.

I know I have a great opportunity and I really appreciate it. I have been working with Dan and it has helped me stay afloat and pay all my expenses.

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I am really happy for you mate. Sometimes those difficult choices we make end up having the best possible outcome.

Dan is a great guy and really helpful. Trust me I know first hand ;)

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