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RE: Would you people quit your job if you could somehow earn the same amount of money each month but from a different source?

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The problem with crypto is that it requires people to have fiscal responsibility, a skill that less than 10% of Americans posses by design. With Bitcoin creating these insane 4 year pump/dump cycles people need to learn how to cost-average buy/sell, play it safe, and take enough gains during the mega bubble to not only last them 4 years, but actually have the self discipline to save the money and not impulse buy everything they want in the moment. It's a big ask.

This is why fiat currency and wage-slavery have been so popular for so long. People are so bad with money that these systems, while exploitive, keep their horrible money management practices in check while providing a stable/steady income.

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Eventually it all comes down to education. Those who had enough of it try to find solutions, not necessarily ways to be millionaires or to have access to easy money but real solutions and alternatives.
That's why both you and I are here, right? You see the educate yourself every single day...that's because you had enough of it. Just because you know that if you follow the herd you'll keep dying every single day for the rest of your life.

Too bad they usually realize that when they hit 65+

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