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RE: Wrapped LEO is Now LIVE! | How to Wrap, Swap and Add Liquidity

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Way to GO! WOOHOO!
A few weeks ago, tested my first ever liquidity thingy at Uniswap: some KOIN I put in there.
Now I'll find myself some LEO and some Ether to do the same with LEO.
Will wait a little for lower Gas fees though; This evening (GMT) is better than during the day; But weekends are usually much better. Will be more or less symbolic value anyway, am just a small fish in a pound of some big whales. I hope I'll be able to get myself some rounds of quality coffee each month from the profits :)

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We appreciate all your support @edje. It all adds up and is fun to see more people involved.

With liquidity pools, the more wallets involved the better.

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Thanks :)

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