I'm going for Dhedge (Using my Blurts)


My Blurt to Dhedge


Hello friends, today while reading posts on Leofinance I came across a great way to put my Blurt to use.

Since the Blurt coins were delivered I have had them on hold for a long time without doing anything with them, in the meantime I just put a power down on the tokens to exchange them but today I found a project that is accepting Blurt to exchange them for their Dhedge.

This is an investment fund that earns dividends in many currencies just for holding its currencies and therefore a percentage of its shares.

The following image shows the ways to obtain Dhedge tokens from the official Discord.


There are many ways to acquire this token and become part of this project and start receiving dividends. One of them is by buying in the market.Hive Engine where you can buy the token in the same way as you buy other tokens.

You can also join the official Discord group and take advantage of the special offers presented there.

Many coins and tokens are accepted to acquire Dedge and many tokens are received as dividends. For my part I will start by converting my Blurt because they are the currency I don't currently use and it is a good way to take advantage of it.


To make the exchange for Blurt it is specified in the discord that you only have to transfer the tokens from your wallet to @discohedge and write a direct message to the founder of the group to receive the Dhedge tokens.

This is what I have done and I share with you in the image above and I am waiting for my tokens.
Maybe it is not a large amount but little by little I will be acquiring a little more before they are finished issuing in this way. In my opinion in the HE market the prices are high, so it is better to make the changes directly with the project.

There are many new things that I find every day in leofinance and I try to learn from each one of you, today I start another investment for projects that I have found in this platform.

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