My opinion about Musicforlife & My VIBESM Investment.

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Hi friends, the academia libertad team with the support of the @spinvest team have launched a new tribe on hive, this time focused on a specific topic that is known as world language and that is every space in the world is familiar with it. MUSIC.

Musicforlife is the platform where you can share any publication that has any reference to music and you can be rewarded with the new VIBES currency that has been created as a system for votes and rewards.
Initially 100,000 VIBES will be put into circulation out of the total supply of 21M that has been established. 40% of the initial supply will be released from the air for all those authors who have created at least 1 publication in MUSICFORLIFE before 01-03-21. There will be a total of 40,000 coins that will be delivered with a current value of approximately 0.12$ each.

RUN, RUN you still have a chance to be eligible for the airdrop.

A mining system has also been put in place through VIBES MINERS that give the opportunity to receive a portion of the 12 VIBES tokens that are generated every hour and divided among 20 randomly chosen miners.

You can find valuable information in the official discord

My VIBESM Investment.


When I found out about the launch of the community tribe to which I belong for some time the first thing that went through my mind was to support as much as possible with what is within my reach, which at that time was buying and staking "VIBESM" miners. I ran to the market and bought my first 100 miners and staked them, after several hours I read that the miners were selling very quickly so I managed to buy 22 more at launch price which was half of what they are currently.

In total I have 122 miners staked and producing my first VIBES coins which I do not plan to sell, they went directly to my VIBESPOWER to get more power on the platform.

It is worth noting that the shutdown time for this platform is only 7 days in which you will receive the total of the tokens you wish to withdraw. In musicforlife we believe in liquidity as a guarantee for your investment.


Speculations are already starting about the price that the coin will have after the airdrop process passes and we all have our coins.
I personally trust the founder of this tribe because I have been following his steps for a long time and I admire his facility to make alliances for the improvement of his projects, but above all I value his stubbornness in making his ideas work. So as far as I'm concerned I will support this project 100% and help in any way I can. Congratulations @al-gaming for the launch.

In summary:

You have until February 28th to make a post on musicforlife and be eligible for the airdrop that will take place on 01-03-21 and to stake those tokens to have power within the platform. Remember, any kind of post that has to do with Music, from favorite songs or singers to your own songs if you are an artist. See you on MUSICFORLIFE.


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Man I am confused between UTOPIS and VIBEM , both seems like a must buy right now and I already hold a small amount of UTOPIS . Ah what the hell , let me buy VIBEM .

Thanks for the post otherwise I would have forgotten to buy this .

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that's right brother, let's go all in with VIBESM.

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Well just bought some with all the remaining SWAP.HIVE . Would have been cool if total miners staked was available on the site .

I will pull it up through codes to see how much miners are left but for someone who doesn't have a programming background that might be difficult so please consider adding that stat.

You really need not to code this that is already coded.
just head to leodex and can see richlist of any token.

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Well I will have to manually add the staked coins here to get the total staked coins data.

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Already talking with the hive-engine guy to show the info about the VIBESM on the frontend! thanks for the support guys

Great :) Thank you .

Only 21k miner tokens makes it an interesting choice to buy .

All I getting is positive "Vibes" from there.

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Excellent write-up, your information is all spot on and im putting up good VIBS from this post.

Thank you for sharing

thank you for enjoying my publication. Thank you for your comment.

I agree 100% I am all in for this one!

Grateful, let's go all out with good vibes.

I can see big things coming here for real!!

Very educational this post, @ejmh!
I am loving Music4life. Thank you very much for sharing such valuable information.
Totally agree with @houseoftribes, all your information is excellent.

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