Wax: NFTs & Collectibles (Blocked in Venezuela)

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Wax: NFTs & Collectibles


Hello friends, in these times the creation and trade of NFT has been popularizing, I want to talk to you a little bit about WAX.

Wax has become one of the most important NFT platforms in the world with many different packages and games that are based on these tokens for the development of their game ecosystems and as an in-game economy. The way and ease in which these tokens are sold and managed in this network makes learning to use and acquire them quite comfortable for users.
But my main intention with this publication is to know the reality of why Wax is blocked for Venezuela.


Currently the WAX coin is close to 10 cents, and continues to rise, I started to see the movements in the Wax network when it was maintained at 3 cents and I saw the potential it was offering, unfortunately at that time I had no liquidity and the problems of my country with that platform stopped me from investing in it and not take advantage of its low price.

Another of its limitations are the exchanges in which it is listed, although they are widely used, they are usually not what I use so I do not have movements or accounts in them, as I would love to be listed in Binance, that would be a great addition to its ecosystem and value.

As I understand and I have investigated, it is not an exclusion by Wax but a block by our government to enter this platform.
So it would no longer be a problem with the network but the same problem that many of you may already know.


Also if we filter in Coinmarketcap for the best platforms currently for the creation of NFTs and collectibles, we find WAX in the fourth place so it becomes one of the best currently.
This is no financial advice but if you are interested in this kind of NFTs world you can give it a look.

Why am I interested in WAX?

I have been seeing in many of the groups I join how the creation of NFT becomes our day to day and many of the projects I am offered are established in that network. Games, collectible cards, even a blockchain medals where HIVE and many other things are what have caught my attention of this network that is blocked in my country and therefore I must use alternatives to enter.


These are some of the projects in which I have been interested in WAX.


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