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RE: System Collapse? .:. dCity Investment Progress

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Even though it sucks watching it go down I'm with what @forykw said.
It is an opportunity to buy cheap and get cards that people are selling low for them.
I just hope they will come to a consensus and try not to break the game for good lol
Let's hope for the best!

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We can compare this with Bitcoin, or some other crypto... It went down to 3-4-5K... I was buying... as I know it is TOO low... and I knew that it will go up... This situation can be looked through that glasses and we can build up our cities, new updated comes, and we are living happily forever... :) :)

But, there is a big difference between Bitcoin and dCity... One is an "unbreakable" blockchain, the other is a "breakable" game... Like I said in the post, I'm not calling for FOMO or FUD, just to be more responsible with your money...

Btw, if someone FOMO or FUD, that means that it HAS invested more than it should... ;)


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